Super Bowl – Spike in Emergency Room Visits After Parties

A new food study was released that points to data showing that there are spikes in intestinal emergency room visits after Super Bowl game day parties. These type of emergency room visits also occurred increasingly after national holidays and sporting events similar to the Super Bowl. People who over eat after these types of events are ten times more likely to need emergency medical service for food obstruction.

This study was performed for eleven years between two thousand one and two thousand twelve. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts was site of this study. Thirty eight people received an emergency esophagus procedure within days of certain high profile events such as a Super Bowl.

Thirty seven percent of these procedures were because food became lodged in patients’ esophagus. Out of Eighty one patients either two weeks before or after a similar event, only four percent required emergency medical attention to remove lodged food in their esophagus. Most of this over eating occurred in men and quite a few incidents occurred after Thanksgiving.

Turkey fifty percent, chicken twenty nine percent, and beef twenty one percent were biggest culprits causing food to lodge in esophagus. Doctor Asim Shuja gastroenterologist from University of Florida Health in Jacksonville, Florida was quoted as saying:

“Though the sample size was small, it’s clear that a pattern emerged showing a higher percentage of people seeking treatment during or just after the holiday or event, and a much greater percentage during those times needed help because food was impacted in their esophagus. It’s a very serious problem that people need to be aware of.

Serving size, eating too quickly, and alcohol consumption could be risk factors. This study was published in the December two thousand sixteen Gastroenterology Report. Two other medical centers participated in this study.

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