Statesville NC – Hospital Workers Eat Pot Laced Goods

Six employees of Davis Regional Medical Center in Statesville, North Carolina, were sickened by all things marijuana muffins and cookies. These were emergency room employees. Ironically, enough they were treated in their own emergency room after consuming these treats.

Another hospital employee brought in these marijuana laced cookies and muffins to leave in an employee kitchen. Allegedly, this employee’s family member had baked these goods. Police gestapo showed up and questioned this employee.

This employee claimed that they did not know these baked goods were laced with TCH oil. Statesville police turned over investigation to the local District Attorney’s office. No charges were filed against anyone involved.

Police claimed it would have been difficult to prove a crime occurred in court. A local media affiliate WSOC channel 9 received a statement from Davis Regional Medical Center quoted verbatim:

“On Sunday, March 19, baked goods created by an outside source were brought into our ER and several employees consumed them. The department director recognized the situation and took action to alert authorities and treat the affected employees. Patient care was not impacted.

The police investigation determined the individual who brought the baked goods was not aware of the marijuana and found the incident to be accidental. We are committed to providing patients with safe care and appreciate the timely action of our director to manage the situation.”

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