Lyme Disease – Curable With Plant Based Vegan Nutrition?

I recently wrote a blog post pertaining to Valneva, a Lyme disease vaccine recently given approval for phase one testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Is this an only possible cure for Lyme Disease? Are there possible natural cures to Lyme Disease?

There are quite a few claims on the Internet of curing Lyme disease with a plant based diet. Also, many of these claims used raw foods. One such individual cure their own bout of Lyme Disease they had contracted in high school by cutting down on dairy, red meat, sugar, and caffeine as a first step.

This person cut down on their sugar intake because Lyme disease feeds off of sugar similar to cancer. Her second step was to eat an organic green salad everyday. Also, she avoided most dairy products.

Vitamins were included in her cure of Lyme disease. Another female cured her Lyme disease after twelve long years. She too cut out sugar from her daily nutrition.

She cut out out all junk and processed foods. However, she did not turn vegan for another three years. Another individual cured their Lyme disease using Gerson therapy.

Gerson therapy is generally used for cancer patients but has been used to cure other diseases. He started curing his Lyme disease after fourteen years. Initially, this individual just ate daily fresh fruit and salad.

They drank juices and used coffee enemas daily as well. After a few months this person instituted a castor oil regiment. Also, they incorporated some soup and cooked vegetables.

This person was consuming processed foods, meat, dairy, gluten, salt, sugar and diet soft drinks, before they tried a Gerson therapy, to cure their Lyme disease. A year later this person started becoming healthier. They were able to regain following capabilities eating vegan foods.

* Recovered from toxic body
* Receiving nutrition my body needs
* Restored damaged organs
* Restored chemical balance
* Restored immune system
* Well on way to removing neurological symptoms

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