Johnson and Johnson Sued – Resulting in $110M Talc Powder Fine

A sixty two year old woman Lois Slemp, was recently awarded one hundred ten million dollars, from a lawsuit filed against Johnson and Johnson. She used their talcum powder products for over forty years. In two thousand twelve she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Also, this woman used baby talcum powder. This huge settlement was awarded by a Virginia jury. Also, there are around one thousand two hundred similar active legal cases against Johnson and Johnson.

Last year a family of a now since deceased cancer patient was awarded seventy two million dollars. That legal case was settled in a Missouri court also by a jury. Scientific studies were used in both court cases, claiming that there is a link between higher cancer rates and Johnson and Johnson talcum powder.

Allegedly, Johnson and Johnson is aware of this link and yet still produces talcum powder that can increase a persons likelyhood of obtaining cancer. Johnson and Johnson plans on appealing most if not all these high settlement cases. This company still claims that their Johnson and Johnson talcum powder is safe.

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