Choline and Weight Loss – by Eating Eggs & Meat Cause Disease?

A recent study performed and released in Circulation, shows that Choline which is common in chicken eggs and animal meat, may cause some diseases. This study was performed on vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. Initially, researchers were trying to find why meat causes heart disease.

They found evidence that perhaps choline which is prevelant in eggs and animal meat, is a culprit. They claim that choline feeds a gut bacteria, that causes your blood to become sticky. This can potentially cause heart attacks and strokes.

A group of vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores were given a choline supplement for two months. Researchers noticed a ten times increase of trimethylamine N-oxide, which has been linked to creation of cardiovascular diseases.

“We showed that as plasma TMAO levels go up, platelet responsiveness also goes up. It happened in a dose-dependent fashion, and it didn’t matter if the vegans kept eating a vegan diet. If they had a high TMAO level, they weren’t protected. Their platelets were hyperresponsive. A platelet that is prone to aggregate like this is a risk for clotting.”

These results were published in an April twenty four two thousand seventeen issue of Circulation. What I find interesting is that even vegans whom consumed this albeit synthetic choline were not protected from possible diseases, even with there no meat no eggs nutrition.

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