Tuberculosis – Treated With Vegan Diet & Raw Vegan Food

I wrote a recent article pertaining to a case of Tuberculosis reported at a Seattle, Washington high school. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that is considered curable. However, many doctors use antibiotics to treat this disease.

There are some reports of individuals curing and or treating their tuberculosis with a vegan diet and or raw vegan food. One such case was reported all the way way in nineteen zero five. The New York Post reported on a cure that was developed at their Graduate Hospital.

A raw juice made from potatoes, carrots, and celery, was given to patients with advancing Tuberculosis. Eleven of these patients were cured, while fifty others were recovering. In nineteen fifties, Dr H.E. Kirschner was responsible for two hundred Tuberculosis patients at Olive View Sanatorium in Los Angeles, California.

Originally, these patients were fed cooked food such as macaroni, spaghetti, etc. This doctor decide to start incorporating one glass of a green juice made of alfalfa, spinach and parsley. Each and every day these patients were served one glass of this natural raw juice.

Eventually, some patients began recovering and able to escape their beds for first time in nine months. H.E. added raw carrot juice to his green juice for private patients and noticed a rapid recovery in many patients. Another individual that used raw juices to cure Tuberculosis was Doctor Max Gerson.

He was working at a Tuberculosis clinic in Munich, Germany, when he shared one of his tactics he used to cure his migraine headaches. Max avoided salt, fat, and pickled as well as smoked foods. He then began eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables. One patient at this clinic claimed when he tried using Max’s food choices, he cured his bout with Tuberculosis.

Veganarchism – a Blend of Animal Liberation and Anarchism

What is Veganarchism you ask? This ideology is a play on two words, veganism and anarchism. In nineteen ninety five Brian A. Dominick popularized both this ideology and logo with his Animal Liberation and Social Revolution pamphlet.

This type of anarchist philosophy centered around the refusal to consume animals and animal products. Veganism is basically defined as not consuming animals and dairy products for nourishment. Anarchy is basically defined as against and or without authority.

Not only do some anarchists embrace animal liberation because animals in a sense are subject to same control mechanisms that humans abide by. Obviously, there are other factors in play such as capitalism, government, state, inhumane treatment, suffering, etc. Some anarchists have concluded that eating animals and or animal products is also not healthy.

These type of anarchists subscribe to veganism as a healthier option. From my perspective not all anarchists are the same and not all vegans are the same. Personally, I am a raw vegan, meaning I mostly eat raw not cooked fruits, seeds, grains, and vegetables.

My flavor of anarchy is individualist and pacifist in nature. Some Vegans choose to not consume any parts of animal because of empathy for them. Some vegans turn vegan solely for health reasons.

There are some vegans that perhaps use both reasons for their decision. While an anarchist I turned vegetarian and finally vegan. However, I did consume chicken eggs for quite some time.

After studying veganism more I decided to stop consuming eggs. Also, my anarchism became more full blown and I came to a conclusion that animals should became liberated for numerous reasons. This is a synopsis pertaining to veganarchism.

I highly recommend reading Animal Liberation and Social Revolution by Brian A. Dominick and Joseph M. Smith for a more complete definition.