Workplace Flu Vaccinations – May Become Illegal in Ohio

Employer Flu Shots

I am not a fan of any governments on this planet. Also, I am not a fan of these controlling fascist corporations. However, I am self employed and therefore can avoid working in cubicle land.

Corporations in the State of Ohio are allowed to force their employees to get injected by a flu vaccine each year. I have no fucking idea how they get away with this. Corporations in Ohio have been firing employees who refuse to receive a flu shot.

The Ohio legislature has introducted a bill that would make this practice illegal. Vaccination is a controversial subject, especially when you find out that individuals that receive a flu vaccine still can contract the flu. Also, people can get extremely ill and even die after getting a flu shot.

I have never been injected with a flu vaccine and don’t ever plan on getting a flu shot. As the flu season approaches you will see all kinds of government messages recommend you receive these shots. Adding insult to injury now corporations are acting like another layer of government control.

I would never fucking work for a corporation that would penalize or fire anyone that refused a flu vaccine. I guess Ohio is an at will employment state. Basically meaning that employers can fire you at will.

As a serf you can quit at will as well. Corporations are not supposed to discriminate. You are supposed to get a medical or religious exemption.

I am not sure if any Ohio corporations violated these exemptions. A bill making it illegal to fire an employee who rejects a flu vaccine for any reason has been introduced in the Ohio Legislature before, but obviously has never passed. It is ridiculous to me that this issue is even being debated.

However, humans that run corporations can become just as corrupt, criminal, and crooked as humans that run governments.

DPT Vaccine – Allegedly Protects Babies From Pertussis

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that their DPT vaccine helps protect babies from Pertussis also known as whooping cough. A DPT vaccine is supposed to protect from Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis. This United States Government agency recommends children receive five dosages in their life time.

* two months
* four months
* six months
* fifteen to eighteen months
* four to six years

However, there are serious possible side effects from this vaccine even stipulated on the website. Pertussis also known as whooping cough is spread through the air. The DTP vaccine is actually now the DTaP vaccine.

* fever
* redness
* swelling
* fussiness
* tiredness
* poor appetite
* vomiting
* seizure
* continual crying
* high fever
* allergic reaction
* long term seizure
* coma
* lower consciousness
* permanent brain damage

There is a lack of information pertaining to independent peer review studies. However, there are alternative websites that are now reporting horror stories with regards to the DTaP vaccine. The original DTP vaccine was extremely dangerous. Countless children died and or were injured by this vaccine.

Since that vaccine caused countless lawsuits towards the vaccine manufacturers, now you can no longer sue vaccine producers. This Pertussis article from claims that the newer VTaP vaccine really is not that much safer than an older DTP vaccine. Also, I found a Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies.

This book claims it includes summaries of four hundred scientific papers, with alternative information about vaccines. I have not read this book. Is the current DTaP vaccine for pertussis really safe for your child and is it necessary to vaccinate your children at all?

Valneva – Lyme Disease Vaccine Testing on Americans & Europeans

The Food and Drug Administration on December nine two thousand sixteen approved clinical trial testing on people for Lyme disease. A French biotechnology company named Valneva was given approval to begin testing on humans. Also, European Union’s Clinical Trial Application gave them approval to test on humans in Europe.

A Lyme disease that was approved in nineteen ninety eight, LYMErix, was no longer produced after a two thousand two lawsuit. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention claim that around three hundred thousand cases of Lyme disease occur in the United States of America annually. This data is according to two thousand thirteen statistics.

Around eighty five thousand cases occur in Europe. Tiny bacteria Borrelia cause Lyme disease, which are spread by ticks. Generally, amoxicillin or doxycycline antibiotics are used to combat this disease.

This first clinical trial is a phase one safety test. One hundred eighty individuals in America and Belgium will participate. Food and Drug Administration requires three phases before a vaccine is approved for retail distribution.

Also, this can cost companies up to one billion dollars to complete. Valneva has named this Lyme disease vaccine VLA15. This vaccine is based on LYMErix from late nineteen eighties and early two thousands.

Currently there is no vaccine made to combat Lyme disease. Valneva released a statement pertaining to this vaccine:

“We are very pleased to be able to advance our Lyme vaccine candidate which is intended to address such an important unmet medical need. We are committed to finding ways to accelerate the clinical development path to licensure, given that we are conducting the only active vaccine program in the industry.”

You can check out a .pdf document pertaining to Valneva’s VLA15 lyme disease vaccine.