Uruguay – First Country to Sell Cannabis

Uruguay back in two thousand thirteen became first nation state to formerly legalize cannabis. Four years later they plan on begin selling cannabis through pharmacies this July. However, there are major restrictions.

Only temporary and permanent citizens can purchase cannabis. Citizens must be eighteen years old and register with a national registry of marijuana users. These smokers will be limited to forty grams per month and ten grams per week.

Marijuana will be sold in five gram containers. Each gram will cost one dollar and thirty cents. Foreigners will not be allowed to purchase this cannabis.

Uruguayans are allowed to grow their own cannabis.

GlaxoSmithKline – Albuterol Asthma Inhaler Recall

GlaxoSmithKline corporation issued a voluntary recall of up to six hundred thousand asthma inhalers. These inhalers are more specifically Albuterol based inhalers. These are marketed as Ventolin inhalers.

Three lots of this product is being recalled. HFA 200D inhalers were distributed to hospitals, pharmacies, retailers and wholesalers. The three lot numbers are:

* 6ZP0003
* 6ZP9944
* 6ZP9848

These inhalers are being recalled because of possible leakage which could reduce amount of dosages. These inhalers do not pose a medical risk to current users. Consumers are asked to keep these inhalers.

These inhalers are being removed from existing stock. You can call GlaxoSmithKline at 1-888-825-5249. This company issued a following statement:

“Though the overall benefit risk assessment for Ventolin HFA 200D Inhaler when used at prescribed doses remains favourable, in this situation, there is possible risk to patients of experiencing diminished bronchodilation in the setting of acute bronchospasm if reliant on a rescue inhaler that could potentially not deliver the stated number of actuations. GSK is committed to supplying high quality product and patient satisfaction, and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this recall may cause.”

Future prescriptions of this asthma inhaler should not be affected by this recall.

Statesville NC – Hospital Workers Eat Pot Laced Goods

Six employees of Davis Regional Medical Center in Statesville, North Carolina, were sickened by all things marijuana muffins and cookies. These were emergency room employees. Ironically, enough they were treated in their own emergency room after consuming these treats.

Another hospital employee brought in these marijuana laced cookies and muffins to leave in an employee kitchen. Allegedly, this employee’s family member had baked these goods. Police gestapo showed up and questioned this employee.

This employee claimed that they did not know these baked goods were laced with TCH oil. Statesville police turned over investigation to the local District Attorney’s office. No charges were filed against anyone involved.

Police claimed it would have been difficult to prove a crime occurred in court. A local media affiliate WSOC channel 9 received a statement from Davis Regional Medical Center quoted verbatim:

“On Sunday, March 19, baked goods created by an outside source were brought into our ER and several employees consumed them. The department director recognized the situation and took action to alert authorities and treat the affected employees. Patient care was not impacted.

The police investigation determined the individual who brought the baked goods was not aware of the marijuana and found the incident to be accidental. We are committed to providing patients with safe care and appreciate the timely action of our director to manage the situation.”

DPT Vaccine – Allegedly Protects Babies From Pertussis

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that their DPT vaccine helps protect babies from Pertussis also known as whooping cough. A DPT vaccine is supposed to protect from Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis. This United States Government agency recommends children receive five dosages in their life time.

* two months
* four months
* six months
* fifteen to eighteen months
* four to six years

However, there are serious possible side effects from this vaccine even stipulated on the CDC.gov website. Pertussis also known as whooping cough is spread through the air. The DTP vaccine is actually now the DTaP vaccine.

* fever
* redness
* swelling
* fussiness
* tiredness
* poor appetite
* vomiting
* seizure
* continual crying
* high fever
* allergic reaction
* long term seizure
* coma
* lower consciousness
* permanent brain damage

There is a lack of information pertaining to independent peer review studies. However, there are alternative websites that are now reporting horror stories with regards to the DTaP vaccine. The original DTP vaccine was extremely dangerous. Countless children died and or were injured by this vaccine.

Since that vaccine caused countless lawsuits towards the vaccine manufacturers, now you can no longer sue vaccine producers. This Pertussis article from VaxTruth.org claims that the newer VTaP vaccine really is not that much safer than an older DTP vaccine. Also, I found a Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies.

This book claims it includes summaries of four hundred scientific papers, with alternative information about vaccines. I have not read this book. Is the current DTaP vaccine for pertussis really safe for your child and is it necessary to vaccinate your children at all?

Yale University – Students Cure Hangovers?

A couple of Yale University Science students claim they have created a natural hangover cure. You are supposed to drink this concoction before a night of alcohol consumption. This product is considered a dietary supplement.

They named their concoction sunup. This drink is supposed to help circumvent loss in four key areas of your body that may cause a hangover:

* acetaldehyde buildup
* glutamine rebound
* immunologic disturbances
* vitamin & electrolyte loss

By drinking this liquid before consuming alcohol, your liver may not suffer as much damage. Maggie Morse and Liam McClintock worked on this mixture. They performed a test of their drink on friends and fellow students.

If you pledge $5 to their Indigo project you will receive one packet of Sunup. They claim they are going to start shipping packets April of two thousand seventeen. This powder is supposed to help you receive proper rest after drinking, which is a common problem after alcohol consumption.

“Although scientists are still trying to fully understand hangovers, there are four main contributors that have been identified by scientific research: acetaldehyde buildup, glutamine rebound, immunologic disturbances, and vitamin and electrolyte loss”

THC – Exposure Found in 2 Year Old Child

A two year old day care child tested positive for Tetrahydrocannabinol in Hickman Nebraska. This two year old child was suffering lethargy and was taken to a nearby emergency room. This is an in home day care provider.

The thirty one year old owner admitted she used the same Marijuana brownies pan to bake regular cookies for her child customers. A sheriff’s office ticketed her with suspicion of child abuse. Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services revoked her day care license.

Another child is being tested for tetrahydrocannabinol. This at home day care provider was licensed to take care of twelve children. She was taking care of ten children.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services created an emergency order. This day care owner has fifteen days to submit a hearing request. A hearing would then be held within ten days of her request unless she is granted a continuance.

World Autism Awareness Day

The ninth annual world autism awareness day is April second two thousand seventeen. Each year a United Nations sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day is scheduled for April second. A light blue campaign has become popular whereby people and businesses light up their premises blue.

This international day was created in two thousand seven by the United Nations. Autism Speaks is a non governmental organization that heavily promotes World Autism Awareness Day. Light it up blue is one of the largest initiatives promoted by Autism Speaks.

This condition is still not fully known. Many autistic individuals are discriminated against. Many adult autistic individuals are unemployed or underemployed.

Autism is in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. Cases of autism nearly doubled in a ten year period from two thousand four to two thousand fourteen according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers do not know the exact cause of Autism.

Pregabalin – Back Pain Solution Similar to Placebo

Pregabalin a back pain killer drug is no more effective than a placebo. Patients whom are prescribed this drug for Sciatica which is back and leg pain, have not found this beneficial. A new clinical trial claims that this drug is no better than a placebo.

A study published in New England Journal of Medicine claims that a placebo is just as effective as Pregabalin. This study was based upon over two hundred patients. These patients were randomly assigned to take either a placebo or capsule of Pregabalin over a course of eight weeks.

Starting dosage was one hundred fifty milligrams per day and increased to six hundred milligrams per day. Patients taking Pregabalin received more side affects. One common side affect was dizziness.

Pregabalin is marketed and trademarked as Lyrica. This was a double blind study. Two hundred nine patients participated.

A scale of one to ten was used to measure severity of back pain. One hundred eight patients received Pregabalin, while one hundred and one received a placebo. Two patients taking Pregabalin were excluded from this study.

Tuberculosis – Treated With Vegan Diet & Raw Vegan Food

I wrote a recent article pertaining to a case of Tuberculosis reported at a Seattle, Washington high school. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that is considered curable. However, many doctors use antibiotics to treat this disease.

There are some reports of individuals curing and or treating their tuberculosis with a vegan diet and or raw vegan food. One such case was reported all the way way in nineteen zero five. The New York Post reported on a cure that was developed at their Graduate Hospital.

A raw juice made from potatoes, carrots, and celery, was given to patients with advancing Tuberculosis. Eleven of these patients were cured, while fifty others were recovering. In nineteen fifties, Dr H.E. Kirschner was responsible for two hundred Tuberculosis patients at Olive View Sanatorium in Los Angeles, California.

Originally, these patients were fed cooked food such as macaroni, spaghetti, etc. This doctor decide to start incorporating one glass of a green juice made of alfalfa, spinach and parsley. Each and every day these patients were served one glass of this natural raw juice.

Eventually, some patients began recovering and able to escape their beds for first time in nine months. H.E. added raw carrot juice to his green juice for private patients and noticed a rapid recovery in many patients. Another individual that used raw juices to cure Tuberculosis was Doctor Max Gerson.

He was working at a Tuberculosis clinic in Munich, Germany, when he shared one of his tactics he used to cure his migraine headaches. Max avoided salt, fat, and pickled as well as smoked foods. He then began eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables. One patient at this clinic claimed when he tried using Max’s food choices, he cured his bout with Tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis – Case at Seattle School Prompts Testing of Students

One individual student at Renton Hazen High School obtained Tuberculosis. This has prompted health officials to test two hundred forty students for this disease. On January eighteen two thousand seventeen, voluntary Tuberculosis tests will be performed at this Seattle, Washington area high school.

Also, blood tests will be performed at this high school for this air borne infectious disease. This person’s identity has not been released. Their status as a faculty or student has not been divulged.

Tuberculosis is allegedly more difficult to spread then a cold or flu. This disease is generally spread with repeated contact in confined spaces. One third of people with this type of contact become infected.

This individual is currently being treated and does not pose a risk to others. Depending on how Tuberculosis is treated it can take from nine months with antibiotics, to a couple years with drug treatment. Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria.

Coughing, sneezing, speaking or singing can cause spread of this disease. Classic symptoms include coughing, a fever, night sweats and weight loss. Two hundred eight cases were reported in two thousand fifteen in Washington State alone.

Ninety eight occurred in King County. Individuals with latent Tuberculosis can spread this disease, even though they are not suffering any symptoms. They could succumb in the future.