St. Francis Health Center – Bought by University of Kansas Health

University of Kansas Health System and Ardent Health Services also known as Ardent acquired St. Francis Health Center today. This is a joint venture between these two health service providers. Saint Francis Health currently has three hundred seventy eight beds. This joint venture will allow this hospital to remain open.

No job cuts are expected and actually fifty million dollars of capital are to increase. Currently, Saint Francis Health has one thousand six hundred employees. This transaction is supposed to get completed in sixty days.

Current management at Saint Francis Health will not change. Saint Francis Health is located in Topeka, Kansas.

“We are grateful our proposal was seen as the most positive path forward for St. Francis. We are proud to tell the people of Topeka St. Francis Health’s doors will remain open. We understand the critical role hospitals like St. Francis Health play for patients, physicians, employees and the communities they serve.

By marrying our resources as an academic medical center and Ardent’s operational expertise, we secure the long-term sustainability of St. Francis Health.”

Bob Page
President and CEO
The University of Kansas Health System

Mississippi Department of Health – Reduces Workforce by 650

The Mississippi department of mental health is going to reduce their work force by six hundred fifty employees. These will all be layoffs that include one hundred twenty five employees. These layoffs are caused by state budget cuts.

These budget cuts take effect June thirty two thousand eighteen. This government bureaucracy will lose around twenty million dollars of funding. Two residential centers Central Mississippi Residential Center and East Mississippi State Hospital will cut nearly one hundred fifty jobs.

Some services at eight facilities will be transitioned to other locations. Budget cuts at six other locations range from one million to fourteen million dollars. Some mental health services from multiple locations will merge together.

Finally, some services will be relocated to community health centers.

Philadelphia PA – Mayor Jim Kenney Recommends Legal Marijuana

Philadelphia’s current mayor Jim Kenney, made a statement recently endorsing the legalization of Marijuana. This was in response to police terrorists’ arrest of twenty two individuals in a recent marijuana bust. Philly Smoke Session hosted a pot party.

Twenty two people were arrested and fifty pounds of pot was seized. Over two hundred people attended this party. Philly Smoke Session hosted this party in a warehouse that later violated fire codes.

Local gestapo planned for two months to raid this pot party.

“I just think the amount of resources that were put into it may have been a little overkill. The real solution is to legalize it in the state of Pennsylvania, as they did in Colorado, [so] we won’t have to use police resources in these kinds of activities.”

Fifty thousand dollars was seized and one hundred seventy five people were detained then released.

Earth Day – Celebration April 22nd

Each and every year, Earth Day is celebrated on April twenty second. This year it falls on a Saturday. This will be the thirty seventh annual Earth Day.

This day was actually started by a bureaucrat, Gaylord Nelson. He was a former United States Senator, from Wisconsin. Since then this event has bloomed to working with over fifty thousand groups and one hundred ninety five nations.

Earth Day basically endorses clean air, clean water, and helping endangered species. The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act were created because of efforts from Earth Day groups. Two thousand twenty will become the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day.

Obviously, as a raw food Vegan, having clean air and water is of utmost importance. Also, since I don’t eat any animal meet, then protecting endangered species is apropos.

420 – Rally in Denver Civic Center Park

Thursday April twenty is this years 420 rally in Denver. This annual rally is hosted in Denver’s Civic Center Park. Denver’s 420 rally is historically twenty years old.

This rally first started out as a means to combat marijuana restriction in Colorado. Marijuana has now been legal since two thousand fourteen from retailers. However, this rally is expecting over fifty thousand individuals this year.

A free concert and the proverbial 420 countdown are planned. This event transpires between 10AM-6PM. This event is entirely free and is located at Civic Center Park which is in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Uber will be official transportation vendor for this event. Also, other large vendors will have booths at this event.

St. Francis Health Center – Topeka Kansas to Close

St. Francis Health Center based in Topeka, Kansas is scheduled to close their days in next week or so. This Catholic non-profit based medical center is owned by individuals in Denver, Colorado. There are one thousand six hundred employees at this health center.

This hospital was founded in nineteen hundred and nine. Last year owners of this health center tried seeking new partners. They wanted to stop managing this hospital due to health care reform and lack of medicaid.

Employees have not been kept up to date of progress of this health centers’ situation for six months. Members of the Board of Directors at this facility signed non-disclosure agreements. SCL Health owns and operates this Topeka Kansas hospital.

North Dakota – to Legalize Medical Marijuana

North Dakota voters on November eight two thousand sixteen successfully passed legalization of medical marijuana. Voters voted yes with sixty four percent of total vote. However, North Dakota’s legislature passed legislation to delay the approved compassionate care act.

North Dakotans with cancer, Acquired Immuno Defency Syndrome, hepatitis C, ALS, glaucoma, and epilepsy could legally obtain marijuana for medical purposes. Patients would need to get approved a dispensary card. They could obtain three ounces of marijuana.

North Dakota’s century code would be amended to include five more chapters. Governor Doug Borgum has yet to sign this legislation which he is allegedly set to do so soon. A medical marijuana card will cost fifty dollars. Citizen’s under nineteen will NOT be allowed to obtain this natural plant.

Medical marijuana dispensary centers are not scheduled to open until early two thousand eighteen. The North Dakota department of health won’t be issuing licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries until July one two thousand seventeen. North Dakota becomes twenty ninth state to legalize or decriminalize medical marijuana.

Target Corporation – Easter Sunday Toy Egg Recall

Target Corporation has recalled five hundred sixty thousand water absorbing toys. These toys were sold between February two thousand seventeen and March of two thousand seventeen. This recall was issued on April thirteen two thousand seventeen.

This product sold for about one dollar each. Target Corporation was not pressured and conducted this recall voluntarily. No injuries have been reported with this Easter egg toy.

The following specific toys have been recalled:

* Hatch and Grow Easter Eggs
* Easter Grow Toys
* Hatch Your Own Dino

Two Target Corporation item numbers are part of this recall, 234-09-0016 and 234-25-1200. Target is issuing refunds for this recalled toys. If a child were to swallow one of these toys, that could cause health problems and in severe cases even death.

Surgery would then be required to remove this toy from your childs’ body. For whatever reason this toy might not show up on an xray. You can contact Target Corporation at 800-440-0680 between 7 AM to 8 PM central time Monday through Sunday. Also, online at Click on “Recalls” at bottom of that page, then click on “School Stationery Seasonal”. Finally, you can click on “Product Recalls” tab on Target’s Facebook page.

University of Utah – Denies Lung Transplant Over Pot Use

Riley Hancey a nineteen year old from Utah was denied a life saving lung transplantation. His denial was based off the fact he had smoked marijuana. He only allegedly smoked marijuana once in previous twelve months.

In late two thousand sixteen he had received a severe case of pneumonia that nearly killed him. His lungs ended up collapsing. Riley needed a double lung transplantation in order to survive.

He was denied by the University of Utah Hospital after he tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol.

“does not transplant organs in patients with active alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug use or dependencies until these issues are addressed, as these substances are contraindicated for a transplant.”

A University of Utah doctor was willing to allow this teenager to die, over marijuana use. Luckily, Riley found the University of Pennsylvania. A double lung transplant was performed earlier in two thousand seventeen.

He will need to remain in Philadelphia for several months to recover. Ironicially, Riley was prescribed a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol, Marinol, to increase his appetite and help him to gain weight.

Kennett High School – Closed Due to Legionnaires

Kennett High School a Chester County school in Pennsylvania has been closed temporarily. Bacteria that can cause Legionnaires disease was found in this schools water supply. This bacteria was found in a boiler room.

This school contracted with a company to revove this bacteria. Also, they shut off all showers and spigot where this bacteria was found. No reported cases of Legionnaires has been found. Legionella occurs in nature in low levels.

Legionnaires is a form of pneumonia. Legionnaires is contracted by breathing in water vapor. Symptoms of this bacteria are:

* Cough
* Short breath
* High fever
* Muscles aching
* Headaches

This school will be closed for at least two weeks. Test results for this bacteria can take up to two weeks.