Swiss Political System – Bans Boiling Lobsters Alive

The swiss political system has decided to ban citizens from boiling lobsters alive. It is very strange to me for any government entity to have any empathy. However, I doubt these bureaucrats would have this much empathy for humans.

Anyways, these clowns are making it mandatory to either stun a lobster or destroy their brain first before boiling. What the fuck is the difference between stunning a lobster first and then boiling it alive? I thought murder was murder?

“The practice of plunging live lobsters into boiling water, which is common in restaurants, is no longer permitted.”

Also, the Swiss government will NOT allow you to place lobsters under ice first before boiling them. They want you to “humanely” murder these crustaceans by electric shock or “mechanical destruction” of its brain. These last two ways sound just as bad if not worse than boiling them alive.

As a mostly raw food vegan, I never eat any type of animal meat, including that of lobsters. Actually, I have never eaten lobster. The thought of eating most sea animals makes me want to fucking throw up.

Back in the day I used to eat some fish and even way back farther in the day I ate shrimp, until I studied what shrimp really feed off of. Also, the shrimp that you know of is known to contain their feces when you eat them. Lobsters are supposedly bottom feeders, meaning they are like bugs that eat feces and other substances off the bottom of an ocean.

I could only stomach, pun intended, some breaded fish and shrimp. However, the thought of eating fish and shrimp makes me want to fucking puke. The smell alone from marine animals makes me want to vomit.

I do NOT know how these clowns in the Swiss government think that electro shock therapy or mechanical destruction of a lobster’s brain is some how humane? Also, I wonder how they would go about enforcing this kind of legislation.

Tyson Plant Locations – in Tonganoxie Kansas Employees 1600

Tyson Foods Incorporated decided today September fifth two thousand fifteen to build a three hundred twenty million dollar chicken processing plant. As a raw food vegan, I still monitor food such as animal meat and processed food. This chicken plant will be built in Northeastern Kansas that will allegedly employ one thousand six hundred employees.

Tonganoxie Kansas will be the site of this huge chicken plant. This city is located in Leavenworth County. A feed mill, hatchery, and plant is part of this facility.

Local chicken farmers and ranchers will contract with Tyson Foods. This company claims that demand for chicken is why they are building another poultry plant. Animals being butchered at this plant won’t begin operation until two thousand nineteen.

This chicken will be sold in retail stores nation wide.

“More people want fresh food and as one of the world’s leading protein companies, we’re well-positioned to provide it. We believe this new operation, which will incorporate the latest production technology, will enable us to meet the sustained growth in consumer demand for fresh chicken.”

One million two hundred fifty thousand chickens will get murdered at this plant. I am a raw food vegan, so I will use strong language. Tyson Foods claims that this will bring in one hundred fifty million dollars to Kansas per year.

Local and state government bureaucrat’s of course had their say regarding this plant. Tyson Foods is going to purchase around three hundred acres near Tonganoxie, Kansas. Construction will begin later this fall.

Food and agriculture supposedly accounts for forty five percent of Kansas’ eCONomy. I wonder how much money is spent on raw fruits and vegetables in this state? I guess animal processing plants are here to stay.

As long as I still have access to raw fruits and vegetables, then let them eat chicken.

Expresco Foods – Recalls Listeria Contaminated Chicken

Expresco Foods Incorporated decided to recall some of there chicken on August twenty third two thousand seventeen. This was a voluntary recall of twenty thousand four hundred forty six pounds of already cooked frozen chicken skewers. They were afraid some of this chicken may have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

This chicken was packaged between August nine through fifteen two thousand seventeen. Two types of chicken were recalled.

* Hand Made West End Cuisine Grilled Mediterranean Style Chicken Breast Skewers
* Expresco Grilled Garlic & Herb Chicken Skewers

This is a Canadian Corporation. This chicken was shipped to retail outlets in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan and Texas. No reports of any illness from this chicken have been confirmed.

A routine inspection was performed which alluded to the possible Listeria contamination. This chicken should not be consumed. It is recommended that you either discard this meat or return to place of purchase.

I was not able to obtain information pertaining to possible refunds for this product. However, you can call Expresco Foods at 1-800-205-4433. You would think they would pass out refunds for chicken possibly tainted with Listeria.

As a raw food vegan this does not affect my daily life, since I do NOT consume animal products. There are constant food recalls in America. Many of them deal with animal products.

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie – Pint Slices Recall

Ben and Jerry’s has issued a voluntary recall for their Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pint Slices. This product might by accident include Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup Pint Slices. This company is recalling this product for allergy reasons.

Some people might be allergic to peanuts and or peanut products. Since this product did not include this ingrediant on the packaging, Ben and Jerry’s decided to recall a limited number of boxes. You want to look for UPC code of 076840657940 best by date AUG1218LT2 and lot number of AUG1218LT2.

One consumer complaint was received but no illnesses have been reported. You are asked not to consume this product if you have allergies attributable to peanuts. Also, you are asked to keep the outside box and call 1-877-270-7397.

You will receive a replacement coupon.

Aunt Jemima Waffles – Pinnacle Frozen Foods Recall

Pinnacle Foods Incorporated is conducting a voluntarily recall of Aunt Jemima brand frozen foods. This recall is because of possible Listeria in these products. No reported cases of illness have arisen.

Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes, Frozen Waffles, and Frozen French Toast Slices are being recalled. Listeria was found in in one of Pinnacle Foods’ plant. Also, one product exported to Mexico has been recalled.

Specific products are being recalled by “Best by” dates. These products are being removed from retail store shelves. Recalled products are only Aunt Jemima frozen products and none of them are dry and or mix type products.

A total of nineteen products are being recalled. If you have any of these products, you are advised not to consume them. Also, you can return any of these products for a full refund.

You can contact Pinnacle Foods at 1-888-299-7646 with any questions daily between 9AM and 5PM eastern time. You can view Pinnacle Foods specific details about these recalled products on their Aunt Jemima product recall news release. These details include product packaging information with UPC codes.

Choline and Weight Loss – by Eating Eggs & Meat Cause Disease?

A recent study performed and released in Circulation, shows that Choline which is common in chicken eggs and animal meat, may cause some diseases. This study was performed on vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. Initially, researchers were trying to find why meat causes heart disease.

They found evidence that perhaps choline which is prevelant in eggs and animal meat, is a culprit. They claim that choline feeds a gut bacteria, that causes your blood to become sticky. This can potentially cause heart attacks and strokes.

A group of vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores were given a choline supplement for two months. Researchers noticed a ten times increase of trimethylamine N-oxide, which has been linked to creation of cardiovascular diseases.

“We showed that as plasma TMAO levels go up, platelet responsiveness also goes up. It happened in a dose-dependent fashion, and it didn’t matter if the vegans kept eating a vegan diet. If they had a high TMAO level, they weren’t protected. Their platelets were hyperresponsive. A platelet that is prone to aggregate like this is a risk for clotting.”

These results were published in an April twenty four two thousand seventeen issue of Circulation. What I find interesting is that even vegans whom consumed this albeit synthetic choline were not protected from possible diseases, even with there no meat no eggs nutrition.

Lakes Farm Raised Catfish Mississippi Recall

Lakes Farm Raised Catfish Incorporated has recalled close to one thousand seven hundred pounds of siluriformes also known as catfish. This company is based in Dundee Mississippi. This product was recalled because of a possible health risk.

Malachite Green and Leucomalachite Green maybe contained in this fish. This catfish was produced between March fourteen two thousand seventeen and March seventeen two thousand fourteen. These specific products were recalled:

* 15 pound frozen Lake’s Farm Raised Catfish fillets with lot codes T 14 T 15 T 16 and T 17
* 15 pound frozen Lake’s Farm Raised Catfish nuggets with lot codes T 14 T 15 T 16 and T 17
* 15 pound frozen Lake’s Farm Raised Catfish steaks with lot codes T 14 T 15 T 16 and T 17
* 15 pound frozen Lake’s Farm Raised Catfish whole with lot codes T 14 T 15 T 16 and T 17

These frozen fish were shipped to retail locations in Mississippi and Tennessee. No reports of sickness due to consumption of this product has been reported. Consumers are encouraged to either throw away these products or return them to place of purchase.

You can contact Earl Lake president of this company at 662-363-1847. I was not able to find a website for this company.

Sargento – Expands Cheese Recall

Sargento Foods Incorporated has expanded their cheese recall program. Also, this food company terminated their relationship with their supplier. Sargento Foods is located in Plymouth Wisconsin.

Their supplier, Deutsch Kase Haus, LLC has been supplying them with cheese possibly tainted with Listeria. This is a continued voluntary recall by Sargento. This company claims there have been no confirmed illnesses yet.

Sargento claims Longhorn Colby Cheese was only cheese with this problem. Sargento added seven additional cheese products to their original February ten two thousand seventeen recall. Also, they added some “Sell by Dates” to previously recalled cheese products.

If you are a consumer of these cheese products you can visit for detailed information. Also, you can call Sargento at 1-800-243-3737 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 4PM Central time. Sargento will dish out, no pun intended, reimbursements if you contact them.

Another way to contact this company is via their “Contact Us” page. You can also use their search box at You will need either a universal purchase code or sell by date.

Listeria – Cheese Recall by Amish Classics Meijer Sargento

Three large processed food makers, Amish Classics, Meijer, and Sargento recalled some of their food products containing cheese. Tennessee food inspectors found some Listeria monocytogenes in colby cheese. No illnesses have been reported yet.

However, in take around seventy days for any symptoms of this bacteria to show. According to a Tennessee health alert:

“Listeria monocytogenes is unlike many other germs because it can grow in a cold environment. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women and may be fatal for individuals with weakened immune systems.”

Deutsch Kase Haus LLC, a Middlebury, IN, company owned by Michigan Milk Producers created this cheese infected with Listeria. Amish Classics, Meijer, and Sargento companies performed voluntary recalls of colby cheese. Amish Classic label item number 55209 sold as sliced deli cheese is being recalled.

Lot numbers 110316V02, 110316V03 and 110316V04 are being recalled. All Meijer brand “Colby Cheese” and “Colby Jack Cheese” is being recalled. Universal Product Code numbers, on packages, beginning with 215927xxxxxx or 215938xxxxxx are being recalled.

Meijer is issuing a full refund if you return their colby cheese packages. Sargento is recalling seven total products. Ultra Thin Sliced Longhorn Colby, 6.84 ounce with UPC code 4610000228 and sell by dates of “12APR17B” and “10MAY17B”. Chef Blends Shredded Nacho & Taco Cheese, 8 ounce with UPC code 4610040041, with with sell by dates of “H14JUN17” and “H12JUL17”.

Also, Sargento is recalling following items that were created on same assembly line as prior recalls.

* Sliced Colby Jack Cheese 12 ounce UPC code 4610000109 sell by date 11JUN17B”
* Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese 12 ounce UPC code 4610000108 sell by dates 12JUN17B 09JUL17B 10JUL17B
* Chef Blends Shredded Taco Cheese 8 ounce UPC code 4610040002 sell by dates H14JUN17 F28JUN17 D28JUN17
* Off The Block Shredded Fine Cut Colby Jack Cheese 8 ounce UPC code 4610040014 sell by date F05JUL17
* Off The Block Shredded Fine Cut Cheddar Jack Cheese 8 ounce UPC code 4610040076 sell by date F05JUL17

Blue Bell Creameries – Cookie Dough Supplier Source of Listeria

The Houston Chronicle has reported that The Food and Drug Administration traced Listeria that was in Blue Bell Creameries products to their third party cookie dough supplier. This company is named Aspen Hills.

Last October, Blue Bell Creameries issued a voluntary recall of all their products that included cookie dough. Aspen Hills denied their cookie dough included listeria, before being shipped to Blue Bell Creameries. Also, Aspen Hills issued a voluntary recall.

The Food and Drug Administration found listeria, when investigating this companies facility. The Houston Chronicle claims that owner of Aspen Hills plan on closing this business. This company ceased operations end of last year two thousand sixteen.

Some listeria was found in a finished product that had not yet been shipped out. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated listeria outbreaks with Blue Bell Creameries. Ten incidents were documented including three deaths.

Allegedly, Blue Bell Creameries does not currently have a dough supplier. The Food and Drug Administration sent Aspen Hills a warning letter after completing their investigation. So far neither Blue Bell Creameries or Aspen Hills responded to the Houston Chronicle.

Listeria is a monocytogenes bacterium food poison. This bacteria is found in water and soil. The Food and Drug Administration was able to link Listeria found in Blue Bell Creameries products to their Aspen Hills investigation. Blue Bell Creameries has suspended their business relationship with Aspen Hills.

Aspen Hills Incorporated is an Iowa based company. Blue Bell Creameries is located in Texas. I was not able to find out if any persons are facing criminal charges at either company.

Blue Bell Creameries was able to continued to conduct business after a listeria outbreak that killed three people. Actually, Blue Bell Creameries will begin to sell products in Arizona and Colorado again March of two thousand seventeen.