Castor Oil – Created From Castor Seeds of Ricinus Communis Plant

I recently wrote a blog post pertaining to possibly curing Lyme disease with vegan nutrition. Some individuals have used castor oil treatments to help cure this disease. I thought I would delve in further.

Castor oil comes from castor seeds. These seeds are from the Ricinus Communis plant. These plants grow naturally and are grown commercially as well.

Castor seeds contain Ricin, which can be lethal. However, if you just swallow castor seeds, no poisoning will occur. If you chew on and start eating these seeds, they will release Ricin which is dangerous.

During the castor oil process, Ricin is separated from oil in this seed. These castor seeds contain around fifty percent oil. Ricin amounts vary from five to ten percent.

Trying to hand process this oil can be laborious. You can obtain a smaller scale hand operated dehuller. To get this valuable oil is similar to other plant based oil extraction.

These seeds are cleaned, cooked, and dried naturally. These seeds are pressed until a castor cake is created. This cake is then crushed into a meal substance with around ten percent castor oil.

This meal is then treated with Heptane to extract more oil. This goes through a filtration process to remove particulates, water, dissolved gases, and acids. Finally, this end product is then further refined.

Castor oil has been used for centuries to not only possibly cure Lyme disease. Other general uses of this oil are for health, skin, fighting disease, moisturizer, growing hair, lamp fuel, etc.

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