Caffeine – in Black Insomnia Coffee

As a raw food Vegan, I no longer consume coffee. According to my studies, coffee consumption can lead to almost a drug like addiction. I only consume green tea which has much lower levels of caffeine.

Black Insomnia Coffee Company claims that there coffee is the world’s strongest coffee. This South African company was founded by Sean Kristafor. This coffee is made from natural coffee beans without any chemicals, preservatives, sugars or other additives.

You can now purchase this coffee on This company boasts 17524 milligrams of caffeine
per kilogram of coffee. This is ten times stronger than red bull.

This company recommends drinking just one six ounce cup of their world’s strongest coffee per day. Their can be certain health risks when ingesting high amounts of caffeine per day. According to a test by SGS Laboratories Black Insomnia Coffee is thirty three percent stronger than Deathwish Coffee and twenty seven percent stronger than Wodfee Coffee.

If you are not used to consuming coffee than you could receive these symptoms:

* jitters
* nervous
* restless
* trouble sleeping
* cardiac arrhythmia
* irregular heartbeat
* palpitations

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