Burger King – New ad Whopper Flop

As a raw food vegan, I never eat fast food. There are too many reasons to count in this blog post about why I no longer eat fast food. However, Burger King’s most recent advertisement was a whopper of a flop.

This fast food giant released an advertisement titled “OK, Google”. This advertisement was supposed to trigger potential customers to use Google’s voice actived smart speaker system. If you ask google what is a whopper, it is supposed to tell you the first line of a wikipedia page for Burger King’s whopper.

However, after the release of this nationwide advertisement campaign, this feature stopped working. Burger King confirmed that this google speech recognition no longer works. You have to say Whopper Burger in order for this to work.

Not only did this advertisement malfunction. This advertisement backfired in a different way. Once this advertisement began running nationally, Internet users began editing Burger Kings’ whopper wikipedia page.

“Cancer causing” and ingredients to include “cyanide” was included in the Whopper wikipedia page. However, individuals at Burger King do not plan on pulling this advertisement.

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