Blue Bell Creameries – Cookie Dough Supplier Source of Listeria

The Houston Chronicle has reported that The Food and Drug Administration traced Listeria that was in Blue Bell Creameries products to their third party cookie dough supplier. This company is named Aspen Hills.

Last October, Blue Bell Creameries issued a voluntary recall of all their products that included cookie dough. Aspen Hills denied their cookie dough included listeria, before being shipped to Blue Bell Creameries. Also, Aspen Hills issued a voluntary recall.

The Food and Drug Administration found listeria, when investigating this companies facility. The Houston Chronicle claims that owner of Aspen Hills plan on closing this business. This company ceased operations end of last year two thousand sixteen.

Some listeria was found in a finished product that had not yet been shipped out. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated listeria outbreaks with Blue Bell Creameries. Ten incidents were documented including three deaths.

Allegedly, Blue Bell Creameries does not currently have a dough supplier. The Food and Drug Administration sent Aspen Hills a warning letter after completing their investigation. So far neither Blue Bell Creameries or Aspen Hills responded to the Houston Chronicle.

Listeria is a monocytogenes bacterium food poison. This bacteria is found in water and soil. The Food and Drug Administration was able to link Listeria found in Blue Bell Creameries products to their Aspen Hills investigation. Blue Bell Creameries has suspended their business relationship with Aspen Hills.

Aspen Hills Incorporated is an Iowa based company. Blue Bell Creameries is located in Texas. I was not able to find out if any persons are facing criminal charges at either company.

Blue Bell Creameries was able to continued to conduct business after a listeria outbreak that killed three people. Actually, Blue Bell Creameries will begin to sell products in Arizona and Colorado again March of two thousand seventeen.

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