Tuberculosis – Treated With Vegan Diet & Raw Vegan Food

I wrote a recent article pertaining to a case of Tuberculosis reported at a Seattle, Washington high school. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that is considered curable. However, many doctors use antibiotics to treat this disease.

There are some reports of individuals curing and or treating their tuberculosis with a vegan diet and or raw vegan food. One such case was reported all the way way in nineteen zero five. The New York Post reported on a cure that was developed at their Graduate Hospital.

A raw juice made from potatoes, carrots, and celery, was given to patients with advancing Tuberculosis. Eleven of these patients were cured, while fifty others were recovering. In nineteen fifties, Dr H.E. Kirschner was responsible for two hundred Tuberculosis patients at Olive View Sanatorium in Los Angeles, California.

Originally, these patients were fed cooked food such as macaroni, spaghetti, etc. This doctor decide to start incorporating one glass of a green juice made of alfalfa, spinach and parsley. Each and every day these patients were served one glass of this natural raw juice.

Eventually, some patients began recovering and able to escape their beds for first time in nine months. H.E. added raw carrot juice to his green juice for private patients and noticed a rapid recovery in many patients. Another individual that used raw juices to cure Tuberculosis was Doctor Max Gerson.

He was working at a Tuberculosis clinic in Munich, Germany, when he shared one of his tactics he used to cure his migraine headaches. Max avoided salt, fat, and pickled as well as smoked foods. He then began eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables. One patient at this clinic claimed when he tried using Max’s food choices, he cured his bout with Tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis – Case at Seattle School Prompts Testing of Students

One individual student at Renton Hazen High School obtained Tuberculosis. This has prompted health officials to test two hundred forty students for this disease. On January eighteen two thousand seventeen, voluntary Tuberculosis tests will be performed at this Seattle, Washington area high school.

Also, blood tests will be performed at this high school for this air borne infectious disease. This person’s identity has not been released. Their status as a faculty or student has not been divulged.

Tuberculosis is allegedly more difficult to spread then a cold or flu. This disease is generally spread with repeated contact in confined spaces. One third of people with this type of contact become infected.

This individual is currently being treated and does not pose a risk to others. Depending on how Tuberculosis is treated it can take from nine months with antibiotics, to a couple years with drug treatment. Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria.

Coughing, sneezing, speaking or singing can cause spread of this disease. Classic symptoms include coughing, a fever, night sweats and weight loss. Two hundred eight cases were reported in two thousand fifteen in Washington State alone.

Ninety eight occurred in King County. Individuals with latent Tuberculosis can spread this disease, even though they are not suffering any symptoms. They could succumb in the future.

Jessica Alba – Honest Company Voluntary Organic Baby Powder Recall

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company has instituted a voluntary recall of their organic baby powder. Recent testings confirmed that some species of microorganisms were found in these bottles of baby powder. These organisms could cause eye and or skin infections.

All organic baby powder bottles are being recalled. The Food and Drug Administration supposedly assisted with this recall. The Honest Company co founder Christopher Gavigan, was quoted as saying:

“With the full knowledge and under the guidance of the FDA, we’ve decided to voluntarily recall this product out of an abundance of caution.”

This organic product is sold in four once bottles. These bottles have been sold since April of two thousand sixteen. You want to look for universal product code #817810014529.

If you have one of these bottles you are asked to stop using this powder. If you have questions, you can call 1-888-688-8653, Monday through Friday between 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Also, you can email this company at

The Hollyweird I mean Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, founded this company with a fore mentioned Christopher Gavigan. They have had recent problems with other products. Consumers had complained about their sun protection factor.

An investigation questioning ingredients of their detergent was performed by the Wall Street Journal. Finally, this company faced a lawsuit pertaining to their Premium Infant Formula. Allegedly, eleven synthetic ingredients were incorporated into this product.

However, The Honest Company labeled that infant formula as organic.

University of Texas – Anderson Cancer Center Lay Off 1000 People

The University of Texas’ Anderson Cancer Center laid off around one thousand employees. These job cuts will save this medical center around one hundred twenty million dollars. Close to eight hundred to nine hundred staff members will receive pink slips.

Doctors and clinical care nurses will live to see another day, so to speak. Remaining one hundred to two hundred positions will disappear due to attrition and retiring individuals. This is a five percent cut of University of Texas Medical Centers’ twenty thousand employees.

Big cheeses at this medical center claimed they lost fifty million dollars in both October and September of two thousand sixteen. MD Anderson Cancer Center has paid their president Dr. Ronald DePinho, a two hundred eight thousand dollar bonus. Ronald claims he will donate this performance bonus back to this institution.

This cancer center is one of forty seven officially designated by the National Cancer Institute. According to the American Cancer Society, over one million six hundred eighty thousand individuals will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Around six hundred one thousand people are estimated to die this year.

Texas has a total of three cancer center’s officially observed by the National Cancer Institute, including University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center. Texas estimates of yearly cancer patients are one hundred sixteen thousand. Death estimates are close to forty three thousand per annum.

Roland Foods – Manzanilla Olives Stuffed With Anchovies Recalled

Roland Foods decided on December twenty seven two thousand sixteen to begin recall of their Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovies. This claims their is a product quality issue. However, they did not specify exactly what is wrong with this canned food.

They claim that this food could cause a potential health hazard. Their manufacturer in Spain is complying. More details of this food product recall is listed below:

* Roland Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with Anchovies
* Item Number 71402
* Lot Number 95
* Universal Purchase Code 41224714021
* Case Universal Purchase Code 10041224714028
* Twelve Three Oounce Individual Packs
* Manufactured in Spain
* Product Quality Recall
* Production Codes P:1201 and P:1130
* Carton Markings of ITEM 71402 and LOT 95

Roland foods claims that no illnesses have been reported. This recall affects just one lot number ninety five and not any other lots of Roland Manzanilla stuffed olives with anchovies. The Food and Drug Abomination had contacted Roland Foods.

Roland Foods then decided to conduct a joint investigation with their manufacturing partner in Spain. You are advised not to eat any of this food if you purchased one of these items. Also, Roland Foods claims they will exchange any affected cans of Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovies.

If you have further questions pertaining to this product recall and or you want an exchange, you can browse to Roland Foods website, call them at 1-800-221-4030 extension 222. This consumer hotline is available Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

Spry – 100 Percent Xylitol Natural Chewing Gum Sugar Free Review

I recently received an order of Uncle Lee’s organic green tea from This order included four free twelve count packs of Spry’s one hundred percent Xylitol natural chewing gum. This gum is GMO, gluten, and sugar free.

No artificial sweeteners are used either. However, after chewing one piece of Spry natural cinnamon gum, I received a lesion in upper right part of my mouth. Perhaps this is a coincident perhaps not.

Each packet of gum lists Xylitol, gum base, natural oil, vegetable glycerin, gum Arabic, sunflower lecithin, and carnauba wax. These pieces of gum taste OK for awhile then flavor disappears. Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol present in small concentrations in fruits and vegetables.

Gum base is not necessarily natural. As a matter of fact, the United States Food and Drug Administration allows forty six different chemicals in this substance. Many of these chemicals are trade secrets.

Each flavor of gum includes that flavor in an oil form. For example a piece of Xylitol cinnamon gum includes cinnamon oil. Many times gum oil includes olive oil.

Olive oil is combined with cinnamon. This mixture is then heated. Vegetable glycerin is a sweet tasting non toxin. Generally, this substance comes from animal and plant triglycerides.

In Xylitol gum glycerin is an additive. Gum Arabic is a natural gum found in acacia trees. In chewing gum it is used as a thickener.

This substance is used in a slew of household products not placed in your mouth. Sunflower lecithin is a natural fat found in sunflower seeds. This natural fat can be found in organic form.

However, often times it is heavily processed when used in commercial products. Carnauba wax comes from palm trees. This wax is often times refined and bleached when used commercially.

Castor Oil – Created From Castor Seeds of Ricinus Communis Plant

I recently wrote a blog post pertaining to possibly curing Lyme disease with vegan nutrition. Some individuals have used castor oil treatments to help cure this disease. I thought I would delve in further.

Castor oil comes from castor seeds. These seeds are from the Ricinus Communis plant. These plants grow naturally and are grown commercially as well.

Castor seeds contain Ricin, which can be lethal. However, if you just swallow castor seeds, no poisoning will occur. If you chew on and start eating these seeds, they will release Ricin which is dangerous.

During the castor oil process, Ricin is separated from oil in this seed. These castor seeds contain around fifty percent oil. Ricin amounts vary from five to ten percent.

Trying to hand process this oil can be laborious. You can obtain a smaller scale hand operated dehuller. To get this valuable oil is similar to other plant based oil extraction.

These seeds are cleaned, cooked, and dried naturally. These seeds are pressed until a castor cake is created. This cake is then crushed into a meal substance with around ten percent castor oil.

This meal is then treated with Heptane to extract more oil. This goes through a filtration process to remove particulates, water, dissolved gases, and acids. Finally, this end product is then further refined.

Castor oil has been used for centuries to not only possibly cure Lyme disease. Other general uses of this oil are for health, skin, fighting disease, moisturizer, growing hair, lamp fuel, etc.

Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea – Review & Order From LuckyVitamin

I thought I would write up this review on both Uncle Lee’s organic green tea and Uncle Lee’s organic green tea has been my tea of choice for around six months now. I have drank green tea since about two thousand ten.

I drank two large cups of organic green tea each day. I have bounced around drinking different brands such as Sprout’s store brand, Uncle Lee’s organic green tea, Dollar Tree store brand green tea, etc.. I’m not a millionaire so cost factor’s in my decision making process as well.

Uncle Lee’s tea ranges in price from $3.99 to $5.99 at Sprouts Farmers Market. Also, this tea is priced at $7.99 on These prices are for Uncle Lee’s organic green tea that comes in a 5.64 ounces or 160 grams box.

There are one hundred individual wrapped tea bags. This tea is United States Department of Agriculture approved organic. Also, this tea is ECOCERT SA organic certified.

Each tea bag is 1.6 grams. There are NO calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein listed on a box. Also, each box has a “best by” year, month, and day stamp.

Organic green tea leaves more specifically camellia sinensis is listed as an only ingredient. A two thousand three study published in Nutrition and Cancer titled Catechins Content of 18 Teas found that Uncle Lee’s Tea included 76.7 milligrams of catechins per gram per tea bag. This was third place behind Lipton Green Tea with 84.3 milligrams of catechins and Celestial Seasoning Authentic Green Tea with 105.7 milligrams of catechins.

Catechins are a natural antioxidant. Finally, my order with went well. I received fifteen total boxes of green tea after five days.

I paid a total of $51.98 for these fifteen boxes with one hundred tea bags per box. I paid $3.47 per box not $2.25 as stipulated in first part of this video review on my YouTube channel. was running a fifty percent off sale.

I bought eight boxes at $4.52 each and received seven boxes for $2.26 each. Also, I received four Spry sugar free gum packets for free as gifts. Also, I received free shipping since I ordered more than forty nine dollars worth of items.

I received twelve of my Uncle Lee’s organic green tea and four free Spry gum packets five days after submitting my order. I am waiting for my other three boxes scheduled to arrive in a day or two. denied my affiliate application.

However, I will be looking for an affiliate so that I can sell Uncle Lee’s organic green tea on this website.

Lyme Disease – Curable With Plant Based Vegan Nutrition?

I recently wrote a blog post pertaining to Valneva, a Lyme disease vaccine recently given approval for phase one testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Is this an only possible cure for Lyme Disease? Are there possible natural cures to Lyme Disease?

There are quite a few claims on the Internet of curing Lyme disease with a plant based diet. Also, many of these claims used raw foods. One such individual cure their own bout of Lyme Disease they had contracted in high school by cutting down on dairy, red meat, sugar, and caffeine as a first step.

This person cut down on their sugar intake because Lyme disease feeds off of sugar similar to cancer. Her second step was to eat an organic green salad everyday. Also, she avoided most dairy products.

Vitamins were included in her cure of Lyme disease. Another female cured her Lyme disease after twelve long years. She too cut out sugar from her daily nutrition.

She cut out out all junk and processed foods. However, she did not turn vegan for another three years. Another individual cured their Lyme disease using Gerson therapy.

Gerson therapy is generally used for cancer patients but has been used to cure other diseases. He started curing his Lyme disease after fourteen years. Initially, this individual just ate daily fresh fruit and salad.

They drank juices and used coffee enemas daily as well. After a few months this person instituted a castor oil regiment. Also, they incorporated some soup and cooked vegetables.

This person was consuming processed foods, meat, dairy, gluten, salt, sugar and diet soft drinks, before they tried a Gerson therapy, to cure their Lyme disease. A year later this person started becoming healthier. They were able to regain following capabilities eating vegan foods.

* Recovered from toxic body
* Receiving nutrition my body needs
* Restored damaged organs
* Restored chemical balance
* Restored immune system
* Well on way to removing neurological symptoms

Valneva – Lyme Disease Vaccine Testing on Americans & Europeans

The Food and Drug Administration on December nine two thousand sixteen approved clinical trial testing on people for Lyme disease. A French biotechnology company named Valneva was given approval to begin testing on humans. Also, European Union’s Clinical Trial Application gave them approval to test on humans in Europe.

A Lyme disease that was approved in nineteen ninety eight, LYMErix, was no longer produced after a two thousand two lawsuit. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention claim that around three hundred thousand cases of Lyme disease occur in the United States of America annually. This data is according to two thousand thirteen statistics.

Around eighty five thousand cases occur in Europe. Tiny bacteria Borrelia cause Lyme disease, which are spread by ticks. Generally, amoxicillin or doxycycline antibiotics are used to combat this disease.

This first clinical trial is a phase one safety test. One hundred eighty individuals in America and Belgium will participate. Food and Drug Administration requires three phases before a vaccine is approved for retail distribution.

Also, this can cost companies up to one billion dollars to complete. Valneva has named this Lyme disease vaccine VLA15. This vaccine is based on LYMErix from late nineteen eighties and early two thousands.

Currently there is no vaccine made to combat Lyme disease. Valneva released a statement pertaining to this vaccine:

“We are very pleased to be able to advance our Lyme vaccine candidate which is intended to address such an important unmet medical need. We are committed to finding ways to accelerate the clinical development path to licensure, given that we are conducting the only active vaccine program in the industry.”

You can check out a .pdf document pertaining to Valneva’s VLA15 lyme disease vaccine.