Tuberculosis – Case at Seattle School Prompts Testing of Students

One individual student at Renton Hazen High School obtained Tuberculosis. This has prompted health officials to test two hundred forty students for this disease. On January eighteen two thousand seventeen, voluntary Tuberculosis tests will be performed at this Seattle, Washington area high school.

Also, blood tests will be performed at this high school for this air borne infectious disease. This person’s identity has not been released. Their status as a faculty or student has not been divulged.

Tuberculosis is allegedly more difficult to spread then a cold or flu. This disease is generally spread with repeated contact in confined spaces. One third of people with this type of contact become infected.

This individual is currently being treated and does not pose a risk to others. Depending on how Tuberculosis is treated it can take from nine months with antibiotics, to a couple years with drug treatment. Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria.

Coughing, sneezing, speaking or singing can cause spread of this disease. Classic symptoms include coughing, a fever, night sweats and weight loss. Two hundred eight cases were reported in two thousand fifteen in Washington State alone.

Ninety eight occurred in King County. Individuals with latent Tuberculosis can spread this disease, even though they are not suffering any symptoms. They could succumb in the future.

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