Sugary Drinks Linked to Cancer – Study Shows

A recent study shows sugary drinks linked to cancer. This study was published in the British Medical Journal in May of 2019. There were over 100,000 participants in this study.

100 percent fruit juices, sugar sweetened fruit juices, and artificially sweetened juices were used in this experiment. These 100,000 people were aged 18 and older. The average age was 42 years old.

The average follow up time was 5 years. Participants were required to consume fruit juice very 24 hours. The consumption of 100 percent fruit juice, and sugar sweetened fruit juice was significantly linked to cancer.

Artificial sweetened fruit juices were not linked to cancer at all. This study admits that further studies and experiments are needed. The consumption of sugary drinks increased 40 percent world wide from 1990 to 2016.

This French study has been performed by individuals over the age of 18 on the Internet. 5 major questions were asked which included date of birth, sex, educational level, smoking status, number of children, etc. The height and weight of an individual was requested.

Every 6 months weight was obtained from these individuals that participated. For the first two years two dietary records collection were required. 97 sugar drinks and 12 artificially sweetened drinks were used. The sugary drinks included 5 percent simple carbohydrates.

The sugary drinks included 100 percent fruit juices. However, for this overall study 100 percent fruit juices were separated. Soft drinks carbonated or not carbonated, syrups, 100% juice, fruit drinks, sugar sweetened hot beverages, milk based sugar sweetened beverages, sport drinks, and energy drinks were all part of the sampling.

The majority of them were women 79 percent and 21 percent comprised men. The average aged male was 42, while the average aged female was 41. 100 percent fruit juices comprised 45 percent of the drinks consumed.

Sugary drinks comprised of 10.7 grams of sugar. !00 percent fruit juices comprised 10.9 grams of sugar. 101,257 participants were used.

Sugary drinks that were not 100 percent fruit juices were consumed at 36 percent ratio. Artificially sweetened beverages comprised 19 percent of the consumption. 2193 incidents of cancer was documented in this study.

This study is alarming to me as a mostly raw food vegan. I consume orange juice almost every day. Also, I consume quite a few servings of fruits and vegetables, which include natural sugars.

This study has a lack of detailed information. I avoid all products with both aspartame and high fructose corn syrup. Also, I avoid juices with added sugar.

However, I do consume some 100 percent orange juice concentrate. I would have liked to have seen what exact “artificial sweeteners” were used. There quite a few now being used.

Aspartame is a known neurotoxin according to some reports. Processed sugar is not healthy for you and leads to weight gain. Obesity is a major health problem, in at least the United States of America.

This study does admit, that it may not be completely the result of even natural sugars. Even 100% fruit juices can contain man made substances. 4-methylimidazole was mentioned in this study.

This is an additive that only purpose is to create a caramel color. Is it too much sugar that is the culprit whether natural or man made? Is the problem with artificial sweeteners. Also, is it the problem of additives?

Who knows I do NOT know. Are even natural sugars to blame? Perhaps it is a combination of the above or just one segment.