Natural Spring Water – That is Raw and Not Treated Dangerous?

Is natural spring water that is raw and not treated dangerous to humans? I had never fucking heard of raw water until today. I am a mostly raw food vegan but even so I don’t try to eat certain foods raw.

For example try eating raw potatoes and rice. Basically, raw water is natural spring water that is NOT treated or filtered. Amazingly, there are a handful of companies in the United States that sell this water.

This natural spring water is taken to a local facility where this water is then bottled. Some companies test the water for bacteria first and stipulate a shelf life. Doug Evan creator of Juicero claims he has drank raw water for two decades.

This raw water is not treated with sodium fluoride, chlorine, etc. Also, this water is not filtered so that natural minerals and vitamins are not lost. Natural water including spring water can sometimes contain cholera, hepatitis a, e coli, carcinogenic compounds, metals, and parasites similar to giardia.

Live Water is one such business that sells raw water. There website claims that not one person has become sick from their raw water. This company also tests their water for bacteria before selling.

Currently, Live Water sells raw water in 2.5 gallon glass containers. I would definately perform your due diligence also known as raw water studying, before deciding to drink this type of water. One 2.5 gallon glass jug of water will last approximately 30 days.

This company charges $16 per jug. I currently purchase bottled spring water that is of course treated for $7 per 5 gallon plastic container. I can say this that the bottled water I drink tastes much better than tap water.

Also, Eldorado Springs water rents me a cold and hot water dispenser for $6 per month. There are the usual skeptics with raw water. I would have to perform quite a bit of studying I think before I would try drinking this raw water.

Finally, this type of water is actually more expensive than many treated spring water services.

CDC e Coli – Outbreak Takes Two Lives in Canada & US

The CDC e Coli research team initially reported on an outbreak affecting multiple states. I am not a fan of government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, this organization spends time and money investigating food problems.

A current and recent outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 seems to have killed one person in Canada and another person in the United States. I take food seriously as a mostly raw food vegan. I actually like eating romaine lettuce when making salads. The Center for Disease Control is still investigating this e coli outbreak.

This organization has not found the exact food source, causing these cases of E coli. However, they are investigating cases of illness both in Canada and the United States from Romaine lettuce. No food and or product recalls have been instituted by the Center for Disease Control and prevention.

A total of thirteen states have reported seventeen cases of illness coming from Romaine Lettuce.

* California
* Connecticut
* Illinois
* Indiana
* Michigan
* Nebraska
* New Hampshire
* New York
* Ohio
* Pennsylvania
* Virginia
* Vermont
* Washington

“Preliminary results show that the type of E. coli making people sick in both countries is closely related genetically, meaning the ill people are more likely to share a common source of infection,”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesperson

These cases of e coli infections began last November in the United States and December in Canada. Individuals in Canada have narrowed down these infections to Romaine Lettuce. However, their government agency, The Public Health Agency of Canada has not required any mandatory recalls. One Canadian grocery store chain Sobey’s has mandated a voluntary recall of Romaine lettuce.

E Coli are bacteria normally found in animals, food, and humans. Most e coli bacteria are healthy and actually help you digest your food. Obviously, sometimes this bacteria can cause problems including even death.

The Cacao Tree – Facing Extinction?

The Cacao tree is allegedly facing extinction. As a mostly raw food Vegan, cacao beans are an excellent source of antioxidents. Also, as a person with color this natural bean was highly touted by my ancestors.

According to what I have learned pertaining to cacao, this natural bean is native to both Africa and South America. An alleged research study performed by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claims that cacao could become instinct within 30 years around the year 2050. Their premise is based upon their theory that planet earth is going through global warming.

However, me personally I have never believed in the global warming theory. Is this further brainwashing fearmongering propaganda from the United States military? You see NOAA also known as National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a department of the military.

I am a bit suspicious about this claim since guess who has been picked to save the day? You guessed it a billion dollar fascist corporation by the name of Mars Incorporated. I haven’t eaten that fucking processed junk garbage in years.

You see you must realize the differences between three words:

* cacao
* chocolate
* cocoa

Cacao is a real natural bean that grows on trees. Chocolate is a heavily processed refined version of the real cacao bean(s). Cocoa is also refined processed garbage from the natural cacao bean.

Supposedly Mars Incorporated has pledged one billion dollars to genetically modify the current cacao bean. You can not make this fucking conspiracy up. Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats Cas 9 will be used to genetically modify current natural cacao beans.

CRISPR-Cas9 is when DeoxyriboNucleic Acid is removed from animals and plants and replaced with altered DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. I NEVER eat fucking processed garbage from corporations like Mars. However, when I can afford it I do eat around one ounce per day of real 95 – 100 percent cacao.

I am NOT impressed with another possible man made solution to this alleged climate change global warming theory with cacao. You see farmers would be sold genetically modified seeds that could allegedly tolerate warmer climates. This sounds like a similar scam being perpetrated on farmers in India for example.

Even in 2017 without global warming, there are farmers forced to only use seeds from fascist corporations like Monsanto. I could see local governments colluding with corporations to even outlaw natural cacao trees and beans. Hopefully, this is prototypical fearmongering, because I would hate to see the cacao tree become instinct.

Salmonella Found in – Maradol Papayas From Mexico

Salmonella Found in

Salmonella has been found in Maradol Papayas from Mexico. Around two hundred thirty five people have been infected so far. Two total people have actually died from this Salmonella enterica bacterium.

As a raw food vegan, you quickly find out that nature is not perfect. Seventy eight individuals have been hospitalized from this bacterium. These papayas were imported from Mexico.

There are actually four different out breaks that are still being investigated. This outbreak began in late July to middle of August of two thousand seventeen. The following American states have instances where Salmonella found in Maradol Papayas.

* California
* Connecticut
* Delaware
* Florida
* Iowa
* Illinois
* Kentucky
* Louisiana
* Maryland
* Massachusetts
* Michigan
* Minnesota
* Missouri
* North Carolina
* New Jersey
* New York
* Ohio
* Oklahoma
* Pennsylvania
* South Carolina
* Tennessee
* Texas
* Virginia
* Wisconsin

Most people survive this type of food poisoning. However, some people need hospitalization and a few die from Salmonella. Salmonella bacterium is generally carried through food and water.

Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and fever are common symptoms of Salmonella. This fruit has been traced back to one El Zapotanito farm in Mexico. Believe or not, I don’t recall, no pun intended, eating a Papaya.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and may have eaten them as a child there. However, since living in the United States I don’t think I have eaten them here. It is advised obviously to not eat this fruit if you think you purchased it from this farm in Mexico.

You can always ask the store or restaurant that has these Papayas. They should be able to trace back their supplier. Also, you want to keep counter tops clean when eating raw fruits and vegetables.

These Papayas are no longer being shipped to the United States, as this batch has reached their shelf life. Also, testing was performed to match Salmonella bacteria found in patients and Papayas sold at El Zapotanito farm. Any contaminated Papayas have since been destroyed.

This outbreak will by no means stop me from eating raw fruits and vegetables.

Most Common Hepatitis – in San Diego Causes Multiple Deaths

San Diego City Council

A Hepatitis A outbreak has plagued San Diego. So far sixteen people have died from this disease. This city has actually started bleaching their streets amidst this outbreak.

This outbreak has mostly affected homeless people. Supposedly, a lack of public clean bathrooms may be a culprit. This disease is allegedly being spread from fecal contaminated environment and person to person.

Bureaucrats are mulling over the idea of creating three temporary housing facilities. These government clowns want to try to fight this problem with vaccines. I am a huge opponent of any types of vaccination.

Many of these people might not be able to afford these vaccinations, so what’s the fucking point? Hepatitis A is actually a virus, which can survive on surfaces for months on end. A simple solution is to wash your hands, even if you think that those facilities you are using might be sanitary.

Supposedly, there is no cure for Hepatitis A. Normally, people do not die from this disease except in rare cases with people with weak immune systems. Over four hundred people have been infected with Hepatitis A in San Diego.

Nearly three hundred individuals have been hospitalized from this disease. These three temporary housing facilities are actually just fucking three tents. Each tent can house around one hundred people.

Hepatitis A can spread quickly via food, water, and direct contact. There are around five thousand six hundred homeless people in San Diego county as the wretched system of capitalism steem rolls ahead. Ironically, many homeless people in this city do not use shelters.

One reason could be because this government’s policy is to NOT allow families to stay together in these shelters. You can’t make this up. They have a seperation policy.

There is no doubt to me that that decision is by design to create even further problems. Governments lying about caring about their homeless populations is an age old lie. There pathetic policies to me make it obvious, that these terrorist organizations called government military do NOT give a fuck about homeless people.

Workplace Flu Vaccinations – May Become Illegal in Ohio

Employer Flu Shots

I am not a fan of any governments on this planet. Also, I am not a fan of these controlling fascist corporations. However, I am self employed and therefore can avoid working in cubicle land.

Corporations in the State of Ohio are allowed to force their employees to get injected by a flu vaccine each year. I have no fucking idea how they get away with this. Corporations in Ohio have been firing employees who refuse to receive a flu shot.

The Ohio legislature has introducted a bill that would make this practice illegal. Vaccination is a controversial subject, especially when you find out that individuals that receive a flu vaccine still can contract the flu. Also, people can get extremely ill and even die after getting a flu shot.

I have never been injected with a flu vaccine and don’t ever plan on getting a flu shot. As the flu season approaches you will see all kinds of government messages recommend you receive these shots. Adding insult to injury now corporations are acting like another layer of government control.

I would never fucking work for a corporation that would penalize or fire anyone that refused a flu vaccine. I guess Ohio is an at will employment state. Basically meaning that employers can fire you at will.

As a serf you can quit at will as well. Corporations are not supposed to discriminate. You are supposed to get a medical or religious exemption.

I am not sure if any Ohio corporations violated these exemptions. A bill making it illegal to fire an employee who rejects a flu vaccine for any reason has been introduced in the Ohio Legislature before, but obviously has never passed. It is ridiculous to me that this issue is even being debated.

However, humans that run corporations can become just as corrupt, criminal, and crooked as humans that run governments.

Denver Health Medical Center – Nurses View Dead Body Genitalia

Denver Health Medical Center

Five nurses at Denver Health Medical Center have been suspended for three weeks. These nurses were busted viewing genitalia not for medical purposes but for perversion. Adding insult to injury these nurses viewed genitalia of dead human corpses.

These incidents supposedly occurred March thirty first two thousand seventeen through April third two thousand seventeen. Female nurses opened body bags of male deceased individuals, for sole purpose of looking at their sex organs. In American society, we men are labeled the perverts.

One nurse whom wasn’t a peeping tom so to speak reported these actions. Denver police gestapo were notified of this complaint. A representative from Denver Health Medical Center released this statement.

“Their actions, which violated our policies and our Code of Conduct, were promptly reported to appropriate governmental authorities, including the Denver Police Department and the Colorado State Board of Nursing. An internal Denver Health investigation resulted in disciplinary action against all those responsible for the incident and the patient’s next of kin was notified.”

Initially, after police gestapo investigated, they claimed no crime had been committed. Denver Health Medical Center is covering up, pun intended, er I mean performing their own internal investigation. This has resulted in the three weeks suspension of all five nurses.

I am assuming all five nurses were female, but I don’t know that for a fact. Four out of five of these health perverts returned back to work. A fifth pervert did not return back to their peeping duties, but was not fired.

These acts were still against Denver Health Medical Center policy. I never knew necrophilia was so popular and I guess that is naive of me. You might be wondering why I wrote this blog post.

I am a raw food vegan, and like writing articles pertaining to America’s medical industrial complex. I couldn’t resist writing this blog post. These medical perverts obviously couldn’t resist their necrophilia urges.

Tyson Plant Locations – in Tonganoxie Kansas Employees 1600

Tyson Foods Incorporated decided today September fifth two thousand fifteen to build a three hundred twenty million dollar chicken processing plant. As a raw food vegan, I still monitor food such as animal meat and processed food. This chicken plant will be built in Northeastern Kansas that will allegedly employ one thousand six hundred employees.

Tonganoxie Kansas will be the site of this huge chicken plant. This city is located in Leavenworth County. A feed mill, hatchery, and plant is part of this facility.

Local chicken farmers and ranchers will contract with Tyson Foods. This company claims that demand for chicken is why they are building another poultry plant. Animals being butchered at this plant won’t begin operation until two thousand nineteen.

This chicken will be sold in retail stores nation wide.

“More people want fresh food and as one of the world’s leading protein companies, we’re well-positioned to provide it. We believe this new operation, which will incorporate the latest production technology, will enable us to meet the sustained growth in consumer demand for fresh chicken.”

One million two hundred fifty thousand chickens will get murdered at this plant. I am a raw food vegan, so I will use strong language. Tyson Foods claims that this will bring in one hundred fifty million dollars to Kansas per year.

Local and state government bureaucrat’s of course had their say regarding this plant. Tyson Foods is going to purchase around three hundred acres near Tonganoxie, Kansas. Construction will begin later this fall.

Food and agriculture supposedly accounts for forty five percent of Kansas’ eCONomy. I wonder how much money is spent on raw fruits and vegetables in this state? I guess animal processing plants are here to stay.

As long as I still have access to raw fruits and vegetables, then let them eat chicken.

Anti Aging Solutions – by ‪L’Oreal‬ Subject of Lawsuit by Monk‬

L’Oreal Group is being sued by a former Roman Catholic monk of all persons. He claims that this company stole his patented anti-aging wrinkle technology. He was selling this product to raise funds for the poor through a charity.

He filed this lawsuit in a Federal court. Dennis Wyrzykowski, Carmel Laboratories LLC, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School are all complaintents of this lawsuit. Carmel Laboratires is Dennis’s company.

University of Massachusetts Medical School licensed this product to Carmel Laboratories in two thousand nine. Easeamine is the cream that is at issue. This alleged cream can cause skin elasticity which in turn is “anti-aging”.

University of Massachusetts scientists supposedly found what is called adenosine in your heart that is allegedly natural promotion of skin elasticity. This lawsuit was filed in June of two thousand seventeen. L’Oreal Group allegedly knew that this was a patented substance.

As a matter of fact, L’Oreal was denied patents for this product, since University of Massachusetts already owned patents. L’Oreal Group decided to go ahead anyways and create products based off this adenosine substance. Dennis was making sixty five dollars per tube on the Internet to support prisoners, drug addicts, and school children.

He claims once L’Oreal released this patented technology, his sales plummeted.

“For me, L’Oreal pillaged the poor, that’s what they did.”

L’Oreal is actually headquarted in Paris, France, but has operation offices in New York City, New York in the United States. This behemoth of a company actually asked a United States District judge to throw out this lawsuit. L’Oreal Group claims that their use of adenosine falls outside of any current patents.

“While we admire the purpose of the work these two organizations are doing together, we find no merit in these allegations. We expressed this point of view in many conversations we had with the Teresian Carmelites and their outside legal advisers over the past two years.”

Dennis, the monk claims that his loss of income caused him to sell property for a spiritual center and stopped some of his other charitable works. Information about potential damages paid by L’Oreal were not available.

Expresco Foods – Recalls Listeria Contaminated Chicken

Expresco Foods Incorporated decided to recall some of there chicken on August twenty third two thousand seventeen. This was a voluntary recall of twenty thousand four hundred forty six pounds of already cooked frozen chicken skewers. They were afraid some of this chicken may have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

This chicken was packaged between August nine through fifteen two thousand seventeen. Two types of chicken were recalled.

* Hand Made West End Cuisine Grilled Mediterranean Style Chicken Breast Skewers
* Expresco Grilled Garlic & Herb Chicken Skewers

This is a Canadian Corporation. This chicken was shipped to retail outlets in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan and Texas. No reports of any illness from this chicken have been confirmed.

A routine inspection was performed which alluded to the possible Listeria contamination. This chicken should not be consumed. It is recommended that you either discard this meat or return to place of purchase.

I was not able to obtain information pertaining to possible refunds for this product. However, you can call Expresco Foods at 1-800-205-4433. You would think they would pass out refunds for chicken possibly tainted with Listeria.

As a raw food vegan this does not affect my daily life, since I do NOT consume animal products. There are constant food recalls in America. Many of them deal with animal products.