North Dakota – to Legalize Medical Marijuana

North Dakota voters on November eight two thousand sixteen successfully passed legalization of medical marijuana. Voters voted yes with sixty four percent of total vote. However, North Dakota’s legislature passed legislation to delay the approved compassionate care act.

North Dakotans with cancer, Acquired Immuno Defency Syndrome, hepatitis C, ALS, glaucoma, and epilepsy could legally obtain marijuana for medical purposes. Patients would need to get approved a dispensary card. They could obtain three ounces of marijuana.

North Dakota’s century code would be amended to include five more chapters. Governor Doug Borgum has yet to sign this legislation which he is allegedly set to do so soon. A medical marijuana card will cost fifty dollars. Citizen’s under nineteen will NOT be allowed to obtain this natural plant.

Medical marijuana dispensary centers are not scheduled to open until early two thousand eighteen. The North Dakota department of health won’t be issuing licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries until July one two thousand seventeen. North Dakota becomes twenty ninth state to legalize or decriminalize medical marijuana.

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