Is Whey Protein Healthy – or Toxic in Some Protein Powders?

Is whey protein healthy or toxic in some protein powders? A recent study was performed by the Clean Label Project, pertaining to protein powders. What they found was a bit alarming at least to me.

I have never been obsessed with obtaining protein. Protein is found plentiful in plant based fruits and vegetables. For whatever reason many vegans and vegetarians obsess over whether or not they are receiving enough protein.

This study was performed on over 130 top selling whey protein powders in the United States of America. Many of these popular brands had high amounts of toxic materials in their whey powders. I have never consumed any kind of food based powders.

Also, I never waste any money on supplements either. Although that is an entirely seperate blog post. The Clean Label Project tested for the following ingredients:

* arsenic
* cadmium
* lead
* mercury
* 100 pesticides
* bisphenol a
* bisphenol b
* residue solvents
* mycotoxins
* melamine
* antibiotic residues

The over 130 protein whey powders were chosen from Nielsen data, best sellers, blogs, and websites. These materials can be found naturally. However, these materials can also find themselves in whey powders during the manufacturing process.

Also, cans and containers can cause these materials to absorb into the whey protein powders. Each product was given a 1 to 5 star rating for toxic metals. Many products failed at this and had low star ratings.

This organization also has a top 5 and bottom 5 products list. This does NOT affect me because I do NOT consume any whey protein powders. I normally do NOT spend money on powders.

I buy raw cinnamon that is ground up and stored in glass jars. I don’t understand where this obssession comes from with buying all these powders and supplements. If you do consume whey protein powder, then it might be important to your health to find out how much toxic materials are included.

Also, do these whey protein powders really improve your nutrition and overall health?

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