Anti Aging Solutions – by ‪L’Oreal‬ Subject of Lawsuit by Monk‬

L’Oreal Group is being sued by a former Roman Catholic monk of all persons. He claims that this company stole his patented anti-aging wrinkle technology. He was selling this product to raise funds for the poor through a charity.

He filed this lawsuit in a Federal court. Dennis Wyrzykowski, Carmel Laboratories LLC, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School are all complaintents of this lawsuit. Carmel Laboratires is Dennis’s company.

University of Massachusetts Medical School licensed this product to Carmel Laboratories in two thousand nine. Easeamine is the cream that is at issue. This alleged cream can cause skin elasticity which in turn is “anti-aging”.

University of Massachusetts scientists supposedly found what is called adenosine in your heart that is allegedly natural promotion of skin elasticity. This lawsuit was filed in June of two thousand seventeen. L’Oreal Group allegedly knew that this was a patented substance.

As a matter of fact, L’Oreal was denied patents for this product, since University of Massachusetts already owned patents. L’Oreal Group decided to go ahead anyways and create products based off this adenosine substance. Dennis was making sixty five dollars per tube on the Internet to support prisoners, drug addicts, and school children.

He claims once L’Oreal released this patented technology, his sales plummeted.

“For me, L’Oreal pillaged the poor, that’s what they did.”

L’Oreal is actually headquarted in Paris, France, but has operation offices in New York City, New York in the United States. This behemoth of a company actually asked a United States District judge to throw out this lawsuit. L’Oreal Group claims that their use of adenosine falls outside of any current patents.

“While we admire the purpose of the work these two organizations are doing together, we find no merit in these allegations. We expressed this point of view in many conversations we had with the Teresian Carmelites and their outside legal advisers over the past two years.”

Dennis, the monk claims that his loss of income caused him to sell property for a spiritual center and stopped some of his other charitable works. Information about potential damages paid by L’Oreal were not available.

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