Anti Aging Solutions – by ‪L’Oreal‬ Subject of Lawsuit by Monk‬

L’Oreal Group is being sued by a former Roman Catholic monk of all persons. He claims that this company stole his patented anti-aging wrinkle technology. He was selling this product to raise funds for the poor through a charity.

He filed this lawsuit in a Federal court. Dennis Wyrzykowski, Carmel Laboratories LLC, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School are all complaintents of this lawsuit. Carmel Laboratires is Dennis’s company.

University of Massachusetts Medical School licensed this product to Carmel Laboratories in two thousand nine. Easeamine is the cream that is at issue. This alleged cream can cause skin elasticity which in turn is “anti-aging”.

University of Massachusetts scientists supposedly found what is called adenosine in your heart that is allegedly natural promotion of skin elasticity. This lawsuit was filed in June of two thousand seventeen. L’Oreal Group allegedly knew that this was a patented substance.

As a matter of fact, L’Oreal was denied patents for this product, since University of Massachusetts already owned patents. L’Oreal Group decided to go ahead anyways and create products based off this adenosine substance. Dennis was making sixty five dollars per tube on the Internet to support prisoners, drug addicts, and school children.

He claims once L’Oreal released this patented technology, his sales plummeted.

“For me, L’Oreal pillaged the poor, that’s what they did.”

L’Oreal is actually headquarted in Paris, France, but has operation offices in New York City, New York in the United States. This behemoth of a company actually asked a United States District judge to throw out this lawsuit. L’Oreal Group claims that their use of adenosine falls outside of any current patents.

“While we admire the purpose of the work these two organizations are doing together, we find no merit in these allegations. We expressed this point of view in many conversations we had with the Teresian Carmelites and their outside legal advisers over the past two years.”

Dennis, the monk claims that his loss of income caused him to sell property for a spiritual center and stopped some of his other charitable works. Information about potential damages paid by L’Oreal were not available.

Expresco Foods – Recalls Listeria Contaminated Chicken

Expresco Foods Incorporated decided to recall some of there chicken on August twenty third two thousand seventeen. This was a voluntary recall of twenty thousand four hundred forty six pounds of already cooked frozen chicken skewers. They were afraid some of this chicken may have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

This chicken was packaged between August nine through fifteen two thousand seventeen. Two types of chicken were recalled.

* Hand Made West End Cuisine Grilled Mediterranean Style Chicken Breast Skewers
* Expresco Grilled Garlic & Herb Chicken Skewers

This is a Canadian Corporation. This chicken was shipped to retail outlets in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan and Texas. No reports of any illness from this chicken have been confirmed.

A routine inspection was performed which alluded to the possible Listeria contamination. This chicken should not be consumed. It is recommended that you either discard this meat or return to place of purchase.

I was not able to obtain information pertaining to possible refunds for this product. However, you can call Expresco Foods at 1-800-205-4433. You would think they would pass out refunds for chicken possibly tainted with Listeria.

As a raw food vegan this does not affect my daily life, since I do NOT consume animal products. There are constant food recalls in America. Many of them deal with animal products.

The B Vitamins – Supplements in High Doses May Cause Cancer

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, claims that individuals using high doses of vitamin B, vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-12 supplements, may contract cancer. A total of seventy seven thousand one hundred eighteen individuals participated in this study. They were aged fifty to seventy six years.

On average these individuals had been using supplements for ten years. They were recruited for this study from year two thousand to year two thousand two. Interestingly enough, women using these same supplements were not susceptible to cancer.

However, men ingesting these vitamin B, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 supplements had a thirty to forty percent increase risk of obtaining cancer. None of them ingested multiple vitamins. Men whom had ingested these vitamins for ten years had a fifty percent risk of contracting cancer.

Individuals that were smoking tobacco products had an even greater risk of obtaining cancer. People from The Ohio State University College of Medicine, in Columbus, Ohio, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, in Seattle, Washington, and the College of Public Health and College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, in Taipei, Taiwan created this study. Vitamin B6 and B12 supplements are supposed to increase energy and your metabolism.

Dosages of B6 were just 20 milligrams per day. Dosages for B12 were fifty five micrograms. This study was published in the August twenty second two thousand seventeen edition of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Before this study, these supplements were thought to actually lower cancer risk. The following factors were used in this study:

* smoking history
* age
* race
* educational background
* body size
* alcoholic beverage consumption
* cancer or chronic lung disease history
* family lung cancer history
* anti-inflammatory drug usage

Theodore Brasky, Doctor of Philosphy, of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, was quoted as saying:

“This sets all of these other influencing factors as equal, so we are left with a less confounded effect of long-term B6 and B12 super-supplementation. Our data shows that taking high doses of B6 and B12 over a very long period of time could contribute to lung cancer incidence rates in male smokers. This is certainly a concern worthy of further evaluation.”

Johnson and Johnson Sued – Resulting in $417 Million Talcum Fine

Johnson & Johnson Services Incorporated has lost a lawsuit with one of their former customers. This company is required to pay four hundred seventeen million dollars in damagers to one person. Eva Echevarria claimed that talc in some Johnson & Johnson baby powder caused her ovarian cancer.

She had been using Johnson and Johnson baby talcum powder for years. A jury awarded her the four hundred seventeen million dollar payout. Eva claims she used this talcum powder ever since the nineteen fifties.

She did not quit using this powder until two thousand sixteen. She acquired cancer in two thousand seven. Part of the lawsuit claims that Johnson & Johnson does not properly warn purchasers of potential cancer risks in their talcum powder.

Sixty eight million dollars to get paid out is compensatory damages. While remaining three hundred forty million dollars is punitive damages. Eva’s attorney Mark Robinson is quoted as saying:

“Showed the jury that Johnson & Johnson knew about the risks of talc and ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson had many warning bells over a 30 year period but failed to warn the women who were buying its product.”

Carol Goodrich, a Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman claimed that this company is going to appeal this ruling. In May another female user of this same baby talcum powder was awarded over one hundred million dollars in a seperate suit. This St. Louis, Missouri woman was diagnosed with overian cancer too.

Three other lawsuits last year awarded over three hundred million dollars to users of Johnson & Johnson’s talc baby powder. Over one thousand lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson for this same issue and same product. However, not every individual has won their lawsuits.

Also, not every winner so to speak, has been awarded millions of dollars. This definately seems like a pattern of losing customers, who acquired cancer from Johnson & Johnson’s talc baby powder. Johnson & Johnson Services incorporated is not out of the woods yet.

There are future pending lawsuits against them for the same problem.