Sugary Drinks Linked to Cancer – Study Shows

A recent study shows sugary drinks linked to cancer. This study was published in the British Medical Journal in May of 2019. There were over 100,000 participants in this study.

100 percent fruit juices, sugar sweetened fruit juices, and artificially sweetened juices were used in this experiment. These 100,000 people were aged 18 and older. The average age was 42 years old.

The average follow up time was 5 years. Participants were required to consume fruit juice very 24 hours. The consumption of 100 percent fruit juice, and sugar sweetened fruit juice was significantly linked to cancer.

Artificial sweetened fruit juices were not linked to cancer at all. This study admits that further studies and experiments are needed. The consumption of sugary drinks increased 40 percent world wide from 1990 to 2016.

This French study has been performed by individuals over the age of 18 on the Internet. 5 major questions were asked which included date of birth, sex, educational level, smoking status, number of children, etc. The height and weight of an individual was requested.

Every 6 months weight was obtained from these individuals that participated. For the first two years two dietary records collection were required. 97 sugar drinks and 12 artificially sweetened drinks were used. The sugary drinks included 5 percent simple carbohydrates.

The sugary drinks included 100 percent fruit juices. However, for this overall study 100 percent fruit juices were separated. Soft drinks carbonated or not carbonated, syrups, 100% juice, fruit drinks, sugar sweetened hot beverages, milk based sugar sweetened beverages, sport drinks, and energy drinks were all part of the sampling.

The majority of them were women 79 percent and 21 percent comprised men. The average aged male was 42, while the average aged female was 41. 100 percent fruit juices comprised 45 percent of the drinks consumed.

Sugary drinks comprised of 10.7 grams of sugar. !00 percent fruit juices comprised 10.9 grams of sugar. 101,257 participants were used.

Sugary drinks that were not 100 percent fruit juices were consumed at 36 percent ratio. Artificially sweetened beverages comprised 19 percent of the consumption. 2193 incidents of cancer was documented in this study.

This study is alarming to me as a mostly raw food vegan. I consume orange juice almost every day. Also, I consume quite a few servings of fruits and vegetables, which include natural sugars.

This study has a lack of detailed information. I avoid all products with both aspartame and high fructose corn syrup. Also, I avoid juices with added sugar.

However, I do consume some 100 percent orange juice concentrate. I would have liked to have seen what exact “artificial sweeteners” were used. There quite a few now being used.

Aspartame is a known neurotoxin according to some reports. Processed sugar is not healthy for you and leads to weight gain. Obesity is a major health problem, in at least the United States of America.

This study does admit, that it may not be completely the result of even natural sugars. Even 100% fruit juices can contain man made substances. 4-methylimidazole was mentioned in this study.

This is an additive that only purpose is to create a caramel color. Is it too much sugar that is the culprit whether natural or man made? Is the problem with artificial sweeteners. Also, is it the problem of additives?

Who knows I do NOT know. Are even natural sugars to blame? Perhaps it is a combination of the above or just one segment.

Is Whey Protein Healthy – or Toxic in Some Protein Powders?

Is whey protein healthy or toxic in some protein powders? A recent study was performed by the Clean Label Project, pertaining to protein powders. What they found was a bit alarming at least to me.

I have never been obsessed with obtaining protein. Protein is found plentiful in plant based fruits and vegetables. For whatever reason many vegans and vegetarians obsess over whether or not they are receiving enough protein.

This study was performed on over 130 top selling whey protein powders in the United States of America. Many of these popular brands had high amounts of toxic materials in their whey powders. I have never consumed any kind of food based powders.

Also, I never waste any money on supplements either. Although that is an entirely seperate blog post. The Clean Label Project tested for the following ingredients:

* arsenic
* cadmium
* lead
* mercury
* 100 pesticides
* bisphenol a
* bisphenol b
* residue solvents
* mycotoxins
* melamine
* antibiotic residues

The over 130 protein whey powders were chosen from Nielsen data, best sellers, blogs, and websites. These materials can be found naturally. However, these materials can also find themselves in whey powders during the manufacturing process.

Also, cans and containers can cause these materials to absorb into the whey protein powders. Each product was given a 1 to 5 star rating for toxic metals. Many products failed at this and had low star ratings.

This organization also has a top 5 and bottom 5 products list. This does NOT affect me because I do NOT consume any whey protein powders. I normally do NOT spend money on powders.

I buy raw cinnamon that is ground up and stored in glass jars. I don’t understand where this obssession comes from with buying all these powders and supplements. If you do consume whey protein powder, then it might be important to your health to find out how much toxic materials are included.

Also, do these whey protein powders really improve your nutrition and overall health?

Benefits of Exercise – in Older Men Include Decreased Mortality

A recent study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that benefits of exercise in older men does NOT just come from rigorous exercise. This study basically compared sedentary activity, moderate exercise, and rigorous exercise in older men aged 71 to 92 years old. Those individuals that participated in light to moderate and rigorous exercise saw a decreased mortality rate, compared to those with a sedentary lifestyle.

This type of information is nothing new. However, when comparing those that participated in light exercise to heavy exercise, the results were not that much different. Putting this in laymen’s terms, you do NOT necessarily need to become a workout freak, at an older age, to benefit.

Basically, any kind of regular exercise or even movement is beneficial compared to being a couch potato. Believe it or NOT even activities like mowing the lawn are quite beneficial. 3,137 men were asked to take part in a follow study in 2010.

From 1978-1980 thousands of men were asked to participate in this study originally. 1,655 men participated in this follow up in 2010. These men were measured by nurses and participated in health questionnaires.

They were required to wear an ActiGraph GT3x accelerometer. There mortality rates were documented by all causes. After about a five year followup, 184 deaths were counted out of 1181 men.

None of these men had any cardiovascular problems. What I found interesting is that rigorous exercise was NOT more beneficial than light activities or exercise. Actually the mortality rate was lower with light activity compared to rigorous activity.

Those that were sedentary, had a higher mortality rate than either of the two groups that participated in any kind of activity and or exercise. Sedentary breaks were NOT included in this study. Light activities such as gardening, walking, mowing the lawn, etc. prolonged these test subjects’ lives.

Vigorous rigorous activity did NOT decrease the mortality rate in these individuals, when compared to light activity.

Peracetic Acid Uses – on Kiwi Fruit Cause Students to Get Sick?

Did peracetic acid uses on Kiwi fruit cause some students to get sick? I had never fucking heard of peracetic acid until today. Actually, this is a cleaning agent.

Some communist socialist termporary internment camps called schools served kiwi fruit cleaned with peracetic acid. Initially, some people thought that it was the kiwi fruit that caused some allergic reactions. However, now it looks as if it is actually peracetic acid, that caused some students to become ill.

Around 36 six students in Rhode Island had adverse reactions to eating kiwi fruit, cleaned allegedly with peracetic acid. I love kiwi fruit as a mostly raw food vegan. However, this fruit is quite expensive where I’m located.

A government bureaucracy known as the Rhode Island Health Department is investigating these incidents. This department claims they will be testing for peracetic acid levels. This kiwi fruit was obtained from Roch’s Fresh Foods, in West Greenwich Rhode Island.

This business was told to no longer use peracetic acid on any of their produce, until this investigation has been completed. Also, they were told to throw away any remaing fruit. Talk about the old cliche bad for business.

“He could have died. He was the fourth kid reacting. We had a total of ten kids react in our school”

Jennifer Ortiz

My throat started to hurt and my lip started to puff up.”

Uriel Ortiz

Peracetic acid also known as peroxyacetic acid can be quite dangerous when exposed to at certain levels. Adverse reactions include:

* skin irritation
* eyes irritated
* nose irritation
* throat irritation
* lungs irritated
* permanent skin scarring
* cornea scarring
* throat scarring

Higher levels of exposure can cause:

* pulmonary edema
* liver problems
* kidney problems

If at first you can’t explain a problem, then blame the raw fruit, right? Well no actually wrong, potentially in this instance.

Amino Acids Cancer – Causing Effect in Mice by Asparagine

A new study published in Nature magazine, has linked an Amino Acids Cancer causing agent in lab Mice. I do NOT support any forms of animal testing, including mice. However, the current medical industry performs these tests without recourse.

Lab mice were injected with cancer tumor cells. These lab mice were seperated into two basic groups. One group were given foods with higher amounts of asparagine.

The second group was fed foods with lower amounts of asparagine. What then occurred surprised me, aloughth I am not a nutritionist, medical doctor, etc. nor do I ever give out medical advice. These mice that consumed foods with lower levels of the natural amino acid Asparagine survived longer because these cancer tumors stopped spreading.

These mice were intentionally infected to study breast cancer. Also, some of these mice were given man made drugs to block the ingestion of the natural amino acid asparagine. I am surprised by this study because asparagine is a natural amino acid that is found in Asparagus.

Actually, asparagus was named after the asparagine amino acid. Asparagus is a natural vegetable that is supposedly healthy for us humans. However, this study was performed on lab mice, so I have no idea what the results would be on humans. Also, lab mice that were fed higher amounts of asparagine succumbed to cancer in a couple of weeks.

Asparagine is NOT only found in just Asparagus. This is a natural amino acid found in fruits, vegetables, animal flesh, etc. Chicken eggs, potatoes, nuts, and soy have higher amounts of this amino acid.

This study does NOT link asparagus or even asparagine amino acid to cancer in humans. However, the results to me were contrary to what I would have expected. Many fruits and vegetables have low levels of asparagine.

I was NOT able to read this entire study, as Nature magazine requires a paid subscription to access the full study on their website. You can contribute financially to my one person veganarchism revolution, so that in the future I can bring you more comprehensive reports.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes – 1 Per Day Causes Heart Disease & Stroke

A new study was released linking cigarette smoke to heart disease and stroke. This kind of information is nothing new. However, this British study claims that just smoking one cigarette per day can still lead to potential heart disease and stroke.

This is contrary to previous views, that smoking one cigarette per day, won’t kill you, pun intended. This data is from year 1946 to year 2015. You may want to quit smoking cigarettes entirely after reading this study. This study was designed to compare data for light smoking, 1-5 cigarettes per day, versus smoking 20 cigarettes or an entire pack per day.

Cigarette smokers that inhale an entire pack per day, had a fifty percent greater chance of obtaining heart disease and or strokes. While cigarette smokers that inhaled just one full cigarette per day, had a fifty percent less chance of obtaining afore mentioned medical problems, they still were at risk. Risk assessments were calculated when smokers consumed 1, 5, or 20 cigarettes daily.

This risk after only smoking one cigarette per day is quite a bit higher than expected. Women had a greater risk of obtaining heart disease and or stroke when smoking 20 cigarettes per day versus just 1. However, this group of people still had a higher than expected risk while just inhaling one cigarette per day.

This study was published in the British Medical Journal on January twenty four two thousand eighteen. I used to smoke way back almost fifteen years ago for about six months. I will occassionally smoke a cigarette(s) if I consume alcohol.

However, I very rarely consume alcohol any longer. When I did smoke, I was able to limit myself to 3 cigarettes per day. This medical study is quite interesting to me and eye opening.

I have no idea what the medical ramifications are, if a person just consumes an occasional cigarette during cocktail hour.

Swiss Political System – Bans Boiling Lobsters Alive

The swiss political system has decided to ban citizens from boiling lobsters alive. It is very strange to me for any government entity to have any empathy. However, I doubt these bureaucrats would have this much empathy for humans.

Anyways, these clowns are making it mandatory to either stun a lobster or destroy their brain first before boiling. What the fuck is the difference between stunning a lobster first and then boiling it alive? I thought murder was murder?

“The practice of plunging live lobsters into boiling water, which is common in restaurants, is no longer permitted.”

Also, the Swiss government will NOT allow you to place lobsters under ice first before boiling them. They want you to “humanely” murder these crustaceans by electric shock or “mechanical destruction” of its brain. These last two ways sound just as bad if not worse than boiling them alive.

As a mostly raw food vegan, I never eat any type of animal meat, including that of lobsters. Actually, I have never eaten lobster. The thought of eating most sea animals makes me want to fucking throw up.

Back in the day I used to eat some fish and even way back farther in the day I ate shrimp, until I studied what shrimp really feed off of. Also, the shrimp that you know of is known to contain their feces when you eat them. Lobsters are supposedly bottom feeders, meaning they are like bugs that eat feces and other substances off the bottom of an ocean.

I could only stomach, pun intended, some breaded fish and shrimp. However, the thought of eating fish and shrimp makes me want to fucking puke. The smell alone from marine animals makes me want to vomit.

I do NOT know how these clowns in the Swiss government think that electro shock therapy or mechanical destruction of a lobster’s brain is some how humane? Also, I wonder how they would go about enforcing this kind of legislation.